Module 7: Input and Output

  1. Most current displays are a type of display.
    1. large screen
    2. translucent
    3. fixed width
    4. flat-panel
  2. Original forms of data, such as time cards or order forms, are known as documents.
    1. source
    2. information
    3. input
    4. scannable
  3. The light source of an LCD monitor is called the .
    Answer: backlight
  4. A(n) printer forms characters and graphics on a piece of paper by striking a mechanism against an inked ribbon that physically contacts the paper.
    Answer: impact
  5. A(n) is a sophisticated printer used to produce high-quality drawings, such as blueprints, maps, and circuit diagrams.
    Answer: plotter
  6. Which of the following is NOT true about QR codes?
    1. QR codes can be read with a QR bar code reader or a QR code reader app on a smartphone.
    2. If the QR code directs you to a website displaying a form, enter your personal information to ensure your safety.
    3. QR codes store information in both a vertical and horizontal direction.
    4. Most QR code reader apps show the address of the website that will be displayed.
  7. A digital pen is an input device that captures and converts a user’s handwriting or drawings into a digital format.
    Answer: True
  8. A(n) is a light-sensing input device that reads printed text and graphics and then translates the results into a form the computer can process.
    1. inputter
    2. digitizer
    3. scanner
    4. recognizer
  9. Most magstripe readers are separate devices that communicate with a POS terminal.
    Answer: True
  10. You recently started working part-time in a retail store, and are learning about the reading devices your store uses.

    Your store uses a bar code reader to process items during checkout. What type of technology does the bar code reader use?

    1. sonar
    2. laser beams
    3. radio frequency
    4. light sources
  11. Which of the following is NOT true about touch screens?
    1. Multi-touch screens recognize multiple points of contact at the same time.
    2. Touch screens require separate input devices.
    3. Dragging is an example of a gesture.
    4. Newer operating systems are optimizing their user interfaces for touch input.
  12. As the resolution increases, some items on the screen appear smaller.
    Answer: True
  13. What does a GPU control?
    1. The ability to connect to online games
    2. The manipulation and display of graphics on a display device
    3. Geolocation services for a mobile device
    4. Gesture recognition capabilities
  14. You work in a medical lab that requires high-quality dye-sublimation printers. What type of printer do you use?
    1. thermal
    2. laser
    3. impact
    4. plotter
  15. is the number of horizontal and vertical pixels in a display.
    Answer: Resolution
  16. Laser printers typically print at faster speeds than ink-jet printers.
    Answer: True
  17. A(n) key is one that switches between two states each time a user presses the key.
    1. function
    2. control
    3. command
    4. toggle
  18. feedback is a technology that sends resistance to the gaming device in response to actions of the user.
    1. Motion
    2. Tactile
    3. Force
    4. Active
  19. PAGE UP is an example of a navigation key.
    Answer: True
  20. A graphics tablet also is called a(n) .
    1. digitizer
    2. art input device
    3. illustrator
    4. illustration pad
  21. VoIP is a type of output.
    1. audio
    2. text
    3. graphic
    4. video
  22. A 2.1 speaker system contains two speakers and one subwoofer.
    Answer: True
  23. Desktops often use a(n) as a display.
    Answer: Monitor
  24. A(n) keyboard has a design that reduces the chance of RSIs.
    1. full-service
    2. compact
    3. ergonomic
    4. expandable
  25. A(n) is a small metal or plastic device that looks like a tiny ink pen but uses pressure instead of ink.
    Answer: stylus
  26. Higher contrast ratios represent colors better.
    Answer: True
  27. In addition to the ball, a trackball usually has one or more buttons that work like mouse buttons.
    Answer: True
  28. An unmanned aerial vehicle is more commonly known as a(n) .
    Answer: drone
  29. HDTV is the most advanced form of digital television.
    Answer: True
  30. Uses of RFID include tracking times of runners in a marathon and checking out library books.
    Answer: True
  31. Which of the following best describes active-matrix technology?
    1. Contains additional audio and video cards that enable high-quality graphic displays
    2. Uses a separate transistor to apply charges to each liquid crystal cell
    3. The LCD technology is built into the screen instead of behind it
    4. Uses organic molecules that are self-illuminating
  32. Which of the following is NOT true about voice input?
    1. Speech-to-text features recognize spoken words and enter them into email or text messages.
    2. VoIP enables users to speak to others via their Internet connection.
    3. A voice recognition application allows users to dictate text and instructions by speaking into a microphone.
    4. Voice recognition is also called talk recognition.
  33. Apple uses the term, iPad, to refer to the touchpad on its laptops.
    Answer: False
  34. Printer resolution is measured by the number of per inch a printer can print.
    1. bits
    2. pixels
    3. characters
    4. dots
  35. A(n) is a unit of visible light intensity equal to one candela.
    Answer: nit
  36. Motion input sometimes is called recognition.
    1. gesture
    2. movement
    3. simulated
    4. body
  37. A(n) is an instruction that causes a program or app to perform a specific action.
    Answer: command
  38. input is the process of entering any sound into the computer, such as speech, music, and sound effects.
    Answer: Audio
  39. You recently started working part-time in a retail store, and are learning about the reading devices your store uses.

    Your store uses a type of 2-D bar code. What is another term for this type of code?

    1. OCR
    2. UPC
    3. OMR
    4. QR
  40. Data collection devices are used to read or scan data from a source document.
    Answer: False
  41. If you are going to print an iron-on T-shirt transfer, you likely will use a(n) printer.
    1. ink-jet
    2. laser
    3. label
    4. plotter
  42. Label printers typically use technology.
    1. laser
    2. optical
    3. scanner
    4. thermal
  43. Once data is in memory, a computer or mobile device interprets and executes instructions to process the data into information.
    Answer: True
  44. For what purpose is keylogging software used?
    1. To store every keystroke in a file for later retrieval
    2. To determine if a computer’s primary input device has been compromised
    3. To automatically translate input to another language as the user enters data
    4. To secure the device’s keyboard from entering input in case of theft
  45. Your friend Margo is considering what type of display to purchase with her new desktop computer and she asks you for advice.

    How do you tell Margo to measure the screens she is considering?

    1. Using pixel width
    2. By calculating the area
    3. By maximum font size available
    4. Diagonally, from one corner to another
  46. A(n) key is a special key programmed to issue commands to a computer.
    1. function
    2. toggle
    3. command
    4. control
  47. A DisplayPort is an alternative to DVI that also supports high-definition audio and video.
    Answer: True
  48. The banking industry almost exclusively uses for check processing.
    1. QR codes
    2. OCR
    3. MICR
    4. magnetic stripes
  49. Output is data that has been processed into a useful form.
    Answer: True
  50. If using a webcam, keep it connected to the computer when not in use so that you can control access to it.
    Answer: False
  51. A(n) device is an output device that visually conveys text, graphics, and video information.
    Answer: display
  52. The ratio defines a display’s width relative to its height.
    1. pixel
    2. aspect
    3. screen
    4. resolution
  53. With Bluetooth printing, the computer and printer need to be within an approximate -foot range.
    1. 3
    2. 30
    3. 300
    4. 3000
  54. Your friend Margo is considering what type of display to purchase with her new desktop computer and she asks you for advice.

    You tell Margo that most monitors today have a small footprint. What does this mean?

    1. They do not take up much desk space.
    2. They can be used with multiple devices simultaneously.
    3. They use little power.
    4. They do not have a wide range of wireless connectivity.
  55. output provides the user with a physical response from the input device.
    1. Tactile
    2. Force
    3. Motion
    4. Active
  56. A(n) is a small symbol on the screen whose location and shape change, enabling you to select text and other objects.
    Answer: pointer
  57. A live webcam has the illusion of moving images because it sends a continual stream of still images.
    Answer: False
  58. A printout in orientation is taller than it is wide.
    Answer: portrait
  59. In the acronym ADA, the D stands for .
    1. disabilities
    2. data
    3. device
    4. distance
  60. Many scanners include OCR software. What does OCR software do?
    1. Converts a scanned image into a text file that can be edited, such as with a word processing application
    2. Creates tags and meta data of the scan that can be used to categorize and classify all of your scanned images
    3. Translates a scanned image into a printed hard copy
    4. Creates a high resolution version of the scanned image that can be used by graphic artists
  61. An ink-jet printer is a type of impact printer.
    Answer: False
  62. The quality of a scanner is measured by its resolution.
    Answer: True
  63. If you sweep your thumb on the mouse to scroll pages, you likely are using what type of mouse?
    1. input
    2. laser
    3. optical
    4. touch
  64. Current use a row of charged wires to draw an electrostatic pattern on a specially coated paper and then fuse toner to the paper.
    1. plotters
    2. impact printers
    3. 3-D printers
    4. ink-jet printers
  65. Most surround sound computer speaker systems include one or two center speakers and two or more speakers.
    1. remote
    2. virtual
    3. satellite
    4. external
  66. CCFL displays consume less power, last longer, and are thinner, lighter, and brighter than a display that uses LED technology.
    Answer: False
  67. Which display technology was developed by Apple, produces vibrant colors, and supports viewing from all angles?
    1. LCD
    2. active-matrix
    3. Retina Display
    4. OLED
  68. Which of the following does NOT typically use portrait orientation?
    1. reports
    2. letters
    3. spreadsheets
    4. books
  69. Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the phrase or definition.
    1. Kind of bar code used by retail and grocery stores
      Answer: h. UPC
    2. Kind of printer used to produce high-quality drawings such as maps and circuit diagrams
      Answer: d. plotter
    3. Technology that uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, an animal, or a person
      Answer: l. RFID
    4. The standard unit of luminous intensity
      Answer: b. candela
    5. The four basic types are text, graphics, audio, and video
      Answer: a. output
    6. An output device that visually conveys text, graphics, and video information
      Answer: c. display
    7. A technology that reads hand-drawn marks such as small circles or rectangles
      Answer: j. OMR
    8. Type of display that sandwiches a layer of gas between two glass plates
      Answer: k. plasma
    9. Port that enables digital signals to transmit directly to the LCD monitor
      Answer: i. DVI
    10. The time in milliseconds it takes to turn a pixel on or off
      Answer: e. response time
    11. Orientation that is wider than it is tall
      Answer: o. landscape
    12. Orientation that is taller than it is wide
      Answer: f. portrait
    13. Printer that forms characters by striking a mechanism against an inked ribbon
      Answer: m. impact
    14. Self-service gas pumps often print receipts using this kind of printer
      Answer: n. thermal
    15. Use this for a display’s optimal results
      Answer: g. native resolution
  70. Although compact keyboards are smaller than standard keyboards, most still include the numeric keypad and navigation keys.
    Answer: False
  71. Which of the following is NOT true about protecting your credit cards from scanning devices?
    1. The words PayPass, PayWave, and Blink are indicators that your credit card has RFID technology.
    2. The radio waves to not penetrate metal or water easily.
    3. Security experts recommend placing each of your credit cards in separate locations, rather than stacking them.
    4. Some signals have a range as far as 30 feet.
  72. The higher the number, the faster the response time.
    Answer: False
  73. Touchpads are found most often on desktop computers.
    Answer: False
  74. transforms one video image into another image over the course of several frames of video.
    1. Mutation
    2. Transfiguration
    3. Morphing
    4. Contortion
  75. pitch is the distance in millimeters between pixels on a display.
    1. Candela
    2. Resolution
    3. Dot
    4. Nit
  76. Commonly used methods include the keyboard, pointing devices, touch screens, scanners, and reading devices.
    Answer: input
  77. With Bluetooth printing, the computer and printer need to be aligned with each other.
    Answer: False
  78. is a collection of unprocessed items, including text, numbers, images, audio, and video.
    1. Output
    2. A byte
    3. Information
    4. Data
  79. Because LCD projectors tend to produce lower-quality images, users often prefer DLP projectors for sharper, brighter images.
    Answer: True
  80. A computer at an airport that uses a touch screen and allows you to check in for a flight is called a(n) .
    Answer: kiosk

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