Module 4: Programs and Apps

Module 04

  1. Freeware has no copyright restrictions.
    Answer: False
  2. Your boss, Molly, asks you to create a spreadsheet for sales data for the store at which you both work.

    In a spreadsheet, B4 represents a(n) .

    1. table
    2. cell
    3. formula
    4. worksheet
  3. A cloud app makes use of software and data that are not stored on your computer or mobile device.
    Answer: True
  4. The voice command “OK, Google” will activate your device’s search engine.
    Answer: False
  5. A(n) app is written for a specific platform and can take advantage of specific features of the devices on which they are installed.
    Answer: native
  6. Popular applications of reality include gaming, healthcare, fashion, business, and training.
    Answer: virtual
  7. Your friends know that you understand a lot about computers, both the technical details of how they operate as well as information about software. Lately, with all of the concerns about copyright infringement, friends have started to ask you about categories of application software and what each kind permits.

    You tell your friends that product is a technique that some manufacturers use to ensure you do not install software on more computers than legally licensed.

    1. certification
    2. enrollment
    3. authorization
    4. activation
  8. You are in charge of an event at work. You want to plan and schedule events and resources. What type of software should you use?
    1. software suite
    2. database
    3. calendar
    4. project management
  9. Which of the following best describes disk defragmentation?
    1. Reorganizing the hard disk so that files are stored in contiguous sectors.
    2. Installing partitions on the hard disk in order to run separate operating systems on the same computer.
    3. Removing unnecessary files.
    4. Compressing backup and other files to increase disk storage.
  10. The operating system serves as the interface between the user, applications, and hardware.
    Answer: True
  11. Search tools typically use a(n) , which stores a variety of information about a file.
    1. index
    2. signature
    3. header
    4. directory
  12. Sales, marketing, and manufacturing are all types of software typically used by a(n) .
    1. individual
    2. power user
    3. small business
    4. enterprise
  13. Software as a(n) describes a model in which a software provider hosts applications and makes them available to users via the Internet.
    Answer: service
  14. software is also called illustration software.
    Answer: Paint
  15. Which of the following is NOT an example of an operating system?
    1. macOS
    2. Office
    3. Windows
    4. Android
  16. Because they are compressed, you usually cannot use backup files in their backed up form.
    Answer: True
  17. A format checker identifies passive voice and run-on sentences.
    Answer: False
  18. Compressed files sometimes are called files.
    1. abridged
    2. packed
    3. concentrated
    4. zipped
  19. A text editor is used to type information when it does not need to be formatted with fonts or other styles.
    Answer: True
  20. Font size is gauged by a measurement system called .
    1. pixels
    2. kerning
    3. em units
    4. points
  21. Columns and rows in a spreadsheet collectively are called a(n) .
    1. data table
    2. worksheet
    3. numerical document
    4. calculation area
  22. Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the phrase or definition.
    1. Overlays information and digital content on top of physical objects or locations
      Answer: a. augmented reality
    2. A program designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks
      Answer: b. app
    3. Type of application that enables designers to create sophisticated publications that contain text, graphics, and many colors
      Answer: c. desktop publishing
    4. Type of application that assists professional and designers in creating engineering, architectural, and scientific designs and models
      Answer: i. CAD
    5. A collection of individual applications available together as a unit
      Answer: e. software suite
    6. Kind of software that determines where users are spending their money
      Answer: o. personal finance
    7. Kind of software that creates and analyzes the user’s tax forms to search for potential errors and deduction opportunities
      Answer: f. tax preparation
    8. Kind of software that provides the capabilities of paint software and the ability to modify existing graphics
      Answer: m. image editing
    9. Software often included with the purchase of a digital camera
      Answer: n. photo editing
    10. A collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data
      Answer: l. database
    11. Detects and protects a computer and its data from unauthorized intrusions
      Answer: j. personal firewall
    12. A collection of drawings, photos, and other images
      Answer: k. clip art
    13. A program that warns or blocks you from potentially fraudulent or suspicious websites
      Answer: d. phishing filter
    14. A tool that removes a program, as well as any associated entries in the system files
      Answer: g. uninstaller
    15. A square-shaped graphic that represents a web address or other information.
      Answer: h. QR code
  23. Adjusting the increases or decreases the crispness of objects in the photo.
    1. sharpness
    2. brightness
    3. contrast
    4. compression
  24. Which of the following best describes a rootkit?
    1. Replicates itself over a network to infect computers and devices.
    2. A destructive program disguised as a real program, such as a screensaver.
    3. A virus that changes its code as it delivers the infection.
    4. A program that easily can hide and allow someone to take full control of your computer from a remote location.
  25. Which of the following is NOT true about software suites?
    1. Some suites are available as web apps.
    2. You can share information among applications.
    3. A software suite typically costs more than purchasing each application individually.
    4. The applications in the suite normally use a consistent interface and share features.
  26. If you a photo, you remove unwanted areas.
    Answer: crop
  27. Cambria and Calibri are examples of font styles.
    Answer: False
  28. Programs that enable you to perform maintenance-type tasks are called operating systems.
    Answer: False
  29. Linux is an example of a(n) .
    1. lifestyle app
    2. operating system
    3. backup utility
    4. security software
  30. Which virus type targets a computer’s start-up files?
    1. boot sector
    2. macro
    3. stealth
    4. kickstarter
  31. A(n) is the destructive event or prank the virus delivers.
    1. bomb
    2. payload
    3. explosion
    4. fireball
  32. You are viewing a 3D graphic of a human body that you can use to visualize various muscles and organs by zooming in and out. What type of app are you likely using?
    1. video
    2. augmented reality
    3. media player
    4. CBT
  33. You should use a database rather than a spreadsheet if you want to collect, reorganize and filter data, and/or create reports from the data.
    Answer: True
  34. Productivity suites typically include, at minimum, all of the following EXCEPT .
    1. word processing
    2. spreadsheet
    3. presentation
    4. project management
  35. Your friends know that you understand a lot about computers, both the technical details of how they operate as well as information about software. Lately, with all of the concerns about copyright infringement, friends have started to ask you about categories of application software and what each kind permits.

    You tell your friends that all of the following are true EXCEPT:

    1. Customers using freeware can personalize the software to meet their needs.
    2. A copyright gives creators of original work exclusive rights to duplicate, publish, and sell their materials.
    3. Anyone can copy or distribute public-domain software to others at no cost.
    4. Some shareware programs become useless if no payment is sent after the trial period ends.
  36. authoring software allows users to combine text, graphics, audio, video, and animation in an interactive application.
    Answer: Multimedia
  37. Streaming media uses only small amounts of data.
    Answer: False
  38. To cut selected text on a Windows computer, press COMMAND+X.
    Answer: False
  39. Cutting is the process of removing content and storing it to a temporary storage location, called a(n) .
    Answer: clipboard
  40. A virus is a known specific pattern of virus code that antivirus programs use to identify viruses.
    1. fingerprint
    2. impression
    3. designation
    4. signature
  41. A(n) is a specific named location on a storage medium that contains related files.
    Answer: folder
  42. software is an application that enables users to enter typed text or handwritten comments on a page.
    1. Memo writer
    2. Word processing
    3. Text editor
    4. Note taking
  43. You want to remove red-eye from photos you took with your digital camera. You should use photo software.
    1. illustration
    2. management
    3. image
    4. editing
  44. Under what category of programs and apps do screen savers and backup programs fall?
    1. security
    2. personal interest
    3. file, disk, and system management
    4. productivity
  45. What is an EULA?
    1. A software update.
    2. A type of program or app.
    3. A copyright.
    4. The right to use a program or app.
  46. Your boss, Molly, asks you to create a spreadsheet for sales data for the store at which you both work.

    You want to add the numbers in a row or column. You use the SUM .

    1. operator
    2. calculator
    3. adder
    4. function
  47. Mobile payment providers state that the use of their payment apps is more secure than using a credit card.
    Answer: True
  48. Which of the following best describes an app?
    1. A program that makes users more productive.
    2. Coordinates activities among computer or mobile device hardware.
    3. A series of related instructions.
    4. Enables you to manage devices and media.
  49. The operating system and other tools are collectively known as software.
    Answer: system
  50. Media players often allow you to burn audio CDs.
    Answer: True
  51. Many routers also can function as a hardware firewall.
    Answer: True
  52. Which of the following is NOT true about databases?
    1. A database consists of a collection of tables.
    2. Each column contains data about a given item in the database, such as a person or product.
    3. You can create forms and reports using data in a database.
    4. Much of the information you access on the web is stored in databases.
  53. The keyboard shortcut for pasting text is CTRL+ or COMMAND+ .
    1. X
    2. P
    3. V
    4. C
  54. Each row in a database is called a(n) .
    Answer: record
  55. A power management tool monitors a laptop or mobile device’s battery usage.
    Answer: True
  56. Under what category of programs and apps do databases and enterprise computing fall?
    1. productivity
    2. file, disk, and system management
    3. communications
    4. security
  57. The laws against plagiarism are the same whether copying content from a respected news source, a personal blog, or social media.
    Answer: True
  58. A(n) is a request for specific data from a database.
    1. filter
    2. function
    3. retrieval
    4. query
  59. Users of website authoring software must have advanced HTML skills.
    Answer: False
  60. Which of the following communication application types requires real-time interaction?
    1. blog
    2. email
    3. chat
    4. mobile messaging
  61. Word software is an application that allows users to create and manipulate documents containing text and sometimes graphics.
    Answer: processing
  62. When you install an app on one computer or device, it will install automatically on any other computers and devices on the same subscription plan.
    Answer: True
  63. You should run multiple antivirus programs on your computer or mobile device.
    Answer: False
  64. Which of the following is NOT true about PDFs?
    1. Productivity applications often integrate the ability to save a project as a PDF.
    2. Adobe Reader is downloadable for free.
    3. To read a PDF, you need the software that created the original document.
    4. PDF is an image file format.
  65. software helps businesses record and report financial transactions.
    Answer: Accounting
  66. Adjusting the adjusts the difference in appearance between light and dark areas of the photo.
    1. compression
    2. contrast
    3. sharpness
    4. brightness
  67. Which of the following best describes open source software?
    1. Provided for use, modification, and redistribution.
    2. Distributed at no cost for a trial period.
    3. Copyrighted software provided at no cost.
    4. Donated for public use and has no copyright restrictions.
  68. What kind of software do you need to use an Internet phone?
    1. VoIP
    2. Internet messaging
    3. chat
    4. FTP
  69. Video editing software typically includes audio editing capabilities.
    Answer: True
  70. You can use legal software to prepare a will.
    Answer: True
  71. In a spreadsheet a(n) is a predefined formula that performs a calculation.
    Answer: function
  72. A computer is a potentially damaging program that affects a computer or device negatively by altering the way it works.
    Answer: virus
  73. A(n) combines video instruction and interaction with an instructor and students in an online classroom.
    1. virtual course
    2. MOOC
    3. CBT
    4. webclass
  74. Many email applications include calendar and contact management features.
    Answer: True
  75. A(n) version is an application you can use at no charge for a limited time to see if it meets your needs.
    1. preliminary
    2. trial
    3. beta
    4. preview
  76. A segment of a video is called a slide.
    Answer: False, called clip.
  77. Software registration typically is required.
    Answer: False
  78. Which of the following is NOT true about presentation software?
    1. Presentations are viewed as clip shows.
    2. Presentations are visual aids to communicate information to a group.
    3. Presentation software typically provides a variety of layouts for each slide.
    4. When building a presentation, users can set the timing and add special effects.
  79. PDF stands for Document Format.
    Answer: Portable
  80. You are developing a spreadsheet for your small business. You are in the process of removing and adding text. What phase are you in?
    1. formatting
    2. editing
    3. printing
    4. creation

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