Module 6: Computing Components

  1. Coding schemes translate real-world data into a form that computers can process easily.
    Answer: True
  2. A byte’s is a unique number that identifies the location of a byte in memory.
    1. position
    2. address
    3. ID
    4. tag
  3. A dual-core processor doubles the processing speed of a single-core processor.
    Answer: False
  4. Each processor core on a multi-core processor generally runs faster than a single-core processor.
    Answer: False
  5. Trash cans that send a signal when they need to be emptied is an example of the Internet of Things.
    Answer: True
  6. In the storing step in the machine cycle, the results are written to a storage medium.
    Answer: False
  7. Which of the following adapter cards connects to musical instruments?
    1. sound
    2. modem
    3. tuner
    4. MIDI
  8. Which of the following is NOT true about memory?
    1. Users typically are referring to ROM when discussing memory.
    2. CMOS is an example of nonvolatile memory.
    3. Manufacturers state the size of memory by the number of bytes available for storage.
    4. Volatile memory is temporary.
  9. The unit refers to the case on a desktop that contains and protects the motherboard, hard drive, memory, and other electronic components.
    Answer: system
  10. Applications that carry out a specific task are stored in memory.
    Answer: True
  11. Peripheral devices normally occupy space inside of the system unit.
    Answer: False
  12. A computer is a small piece of semiconducting material on which integrated circuits are etched.
    Answer: chip
  13. Many newer mobile devices and computers, such as some ultrathin laptops, do not have removable batteries.
    Answer: True
  14. Which of the following is NOT true about caring for computers and mobile devices?
    1. Defragment your computer’s hard drive if you notice a decline in performance.
    2. Use a special screen cleaner; water is not sufficient.
    3. Use compressed air to free the keyboard from dust and debris.
    4. If the air vent is dirty, contact a trained professional to have it cleaned.
  15. Which of the following is NOT true about motherboards?
    1. The circuitry for the processor, memory, and other components reside on computer chips.
    2. Manufacturers package chips so that they can be attached to a motherboard.
    3. An integrated circuit contains microscopic pathways capable of carrying electrical current.
    4. The processor and memory are built into the motherboard.
  16. The is the component of the processor that directs and coordinates most of the operations in the computer.
    1. CPU
    2. dashboard
    3. ALU
    4. control unit
  17. Desktop and servers use USB adapters.
    Answer: False
  18. DRAM chips are faster and more reliable than SRAM chips.
    Answer: False
  19. computing refers to an environment of servers that house and provide access to resources users access via the Internet.
    Answer: Cloud
  20. Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the phrase or definition.
    1. Measured in ticks per second
      Answer: i. clock speed
    2. One billion ticks of a system clock per second
      Answer: g. gigahertz
    3. The most widely used coding scheme to represent a set of characters
      Answer: h. ASCII
    4. This kind of processor is a single chip with two or more processor cores
      Answer: l. multi-core
    5. An extremely fast unit of time
      Answer: o. nanosecond
    6. Number system that has just two unique digits
      Answer: k. binary
    7. The number of bits a processor can interpret and execute at a given time
      Answer: f. word size
    8. The main circuit board
      Answer: a. motherboard
    9. 8 bits
      Answer: e. byte
    10. Allows developers to create, test, and run their solutions on a cloud platform without having to purchase or configure the underlying hardware or software
      Answer: b. PaaS
    11. Type of memory that can keep its contents when the power is removed from the computer
      Answer: j. nonvolatile
    12. A computing environment where an Internet server hosts and deploys applications
      Answer: c. SaaS
    13. Application that incorporates data from multiple providers into a new application
      Answer: d. mashup
    14. The data on most of this type of chip cannot be modified
      Answer: m. ROM
    15. The flash memory chips that store a computer’s startup information frequently use this kind of technology
      Answer: n. CMOS
  21. The Lightning connector, developed by Apple for the iPhone 5, is compatible with prior iPhone models.
    Answer: False
  22. By itself, a bit is extremely informative.
    Answer: False
  23. You have been studying processors. Your instructor has asked you to help prepare a lecture for introductory students learning about processors.You explain that when the ALU performs calculations on data, it is part of the process in the machine cycle.
    1. fetching
    2. decoding
    3. executing
    4. storing
  24. Chassis is another term for system unit.
    Answer: True
  25. You are an IT consultant. A small business client wants to explore cloud computing services as a way to save money and space.The business wants to provide a common work environment of applications, security settings, and computing resources, without requiring all of these to reside on users’ computers. You recommend a(n) desktop.
    1. digital
    2. shared
    3. portable
    4. virtual
  26. The speed of the system clock has no effect on peripheral devices.
    Answer: True
  27. refers to the process of translating instructions into signals the computer can execute.
    1. Deconstruction
    2. Digitalization
    3. Decryption
    4. Decoding
  28. DaaS stands for as a service.
    1. device
    2. digital
    3. document
    4. data
  29. A front side bus is part of the motherboard and connects the processor to main memory.
    Answer: True
  30. A gigabyte equals approximately 1 bytes.
    Answer: billion
  31. You are an IT consultant. A small business client wants to explore cloud computing services as a way to save money and space.The business wants to use a file management service, so you recommend as a Service.
    1. Desktop
    2. Storage
    3. Folder
    4. Drive
  32. A(n) -core processor is a single chip with two or more separate processor cores.
    Answer: multi
  33. Which two components work together to perform processing operations?
    1. case and control unit
    2. control unit and ALU
    3. motherboard and microchip
    4. ALU and motherboard
  34. Human speech is because it uses continuous (wave form) signals that vary in strength and quality.
    Answer: analog
  35. CPU stands for central unit.
    1. packet
    2. protection
    3. plasma
    4. processing
  36. Many smartphones and mobile devices have software that shows the approximate location of devices and computers.
    Answer: True
  37. is the process of obtaining a program or an application instruction or data item from memory.
    Answer: Fetching
  38. A(n) is the smallest unit of data a computer can process.
    1. digit
    2. character
    3. 0
    4. bit
  39. A(n) bus connects the processor to cache.
    1. system
    2. memory
    3. expansion
    4. backside
  40. Which of the following cloud services allows developers to create, test, and run solutions on a cloud platform without having to purchase the underlying hardware and software?
    1. IaaS
    2. DaaS
    3. PaaS
    4. SaaS
  41. Which of the following best defines superscalar, as it pertains to processors?
    1. The size of the processor continues to decrease while its capabilities increase
    2. Able to control operations for multiple computers and devices on a network
    3. Operates at the high-speed rates necessary for power users
    4. Can execute more than one instruction per clock cycle
  42. When 8 bits are grouped together as a unit, they form a(n) .
    Answer: byte
  43. size is the number of bits the processor can interpret and execute at a given time.
    1. Byte
    2. Bus
    3. Word
    4. Power
  44. Which of the following best describes the use of ASCII?
    1. To encode data so that it can be sent securely over a network
    2. To control the flow of work for a CPU
    3. To provide access to programs and apps through a virtual server
    4. To map characters to numeric values that a computer can process
  45. Two commons types of RAM are RAM and RAM.
    1. dynamic, static
    2. storage, memory
    3. volatile, nonvolatile
    4. temporary, permanent
  46. RAM also is called main memory.
    Answer: True
  47. A byte provides enough different combinations of 0s and 1s to represent 256 different characters.
    Answer: True
  48. A(n) bus allows the processor to communicate with peripheral devices.
    1. external
    2. backside
    3. system
    4. expansion
  49. If your computer requires that you install memory in pairs, it doesn’t matter if the two memory modules are the same type, size, or speed.
    Answer: False
  50. The interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a computer.
    1. motherboard
    2. processor
    3. circuit board
    4. transistor
  51. Which of the following cloud services uses software to emulate hardware capabilities, such as to increase or decrease bandwidth or storage to meet changing needs?
    1. PaaS
    2. DaaS
    3. IaaS
    4. SaaS
  52. time is the amount of time it takes the processor to read data, instructions, and information from memory.
    Answer: Access
  53. On a(n) tablet, the case is positioned below a keyboard, attached by a hinge that enables the user to fold the display down over the keyboard.
    1. all-in-one
    2. ultrathin
    3. convertible
    4. collapsible
  54. RAM is an example of nonvolatile memory.
    Answer: False
  55. Which of the following is NOT true about processor cooling?
    1. Today’s personal computer processors often require additional cooling beyond the capability of the power supply’s main fan.
    2. Some cooling pads draw power from a USB port.
    3. A cooling pad rests below a laptop to protect the computer from overflowing.
    4. Liquid cooling technology uses a continuous flow of fluids, such as water and glycol.
  56. A(n) is an application that incorporates data from multiple providers into a new application.
    Answer: mashup
  57. A USB flash drive provides additional storage capability when it is plugged in.
    Answer: True
  58. ROM chips called contain permanently written instructions, or information, such as start-up instructions.
    1. SROM
    2. boot memory
    3. hard drives
    4. firmware
  59. Which of the following is NOT true about system units?
    1. The case on wearable devices typically consumes the entire device.
    2. Desktops that house the display and system unit in the same case are called all-in-one.
    3. On most laptops, the keyboard and pointing device often are on top of the case.
    4. The case on a smartphone often is in front of the display.
  60. When a user runs an application, its instructions transfer from a storage device to memory.
    Answer: True
  61. Which cache level uses ATC?
    1. L1
    2. L2
    3. L3
    4. L4
  62. Which of the following cloud services describes a computing environment where an Internet server hosts and deploys applications?
    1. DaaS
    2. PaaS
    3. SaaS
    4. IaaS
  63. Flash memory is a type of nonvolatile memory that can be erased electronically and rewritten.
    Answer: True
  64. Most computers improve their processing times with , a temporary storage area.
    Answer: cache
  65. You have been studying processors. Your instructor has asked you to help prepare a lecture for introductory students learning about processors.You explain that when payroll software determines which employees should receive overtime based on hours worked, it is a result of a(n) operation.
    1. comparison
    2. analysis
    3. contrast
    4. determination
  66. A processor contains small, high-speed storage locations, called , that temporarily hold data and instructions.
    Answer: registers
  67. The system generates regular electronic pulses that set the operating pace of the system unit.
    1. core
    2. device
    3. clock
    4. control
  68. In a binary system, the digit represents that electronic state of .
    1. 1, off
    2. 1, on
    3. 0, off
    4. 0, on
  69. The power supply coverts the wall outlet DC power into AC power.
    Answer: False
  70. A(n) heat _____ is a small ceramic or metal component with fins on its surface that absorbs and disperses heat produced by electrical components, such as a processor.
    Answer: sink
  71. Which cache level is on the motherboard and is separate from the processor chip?
    1. L1
    2. L2
    3. L3
    4. L4
  72. The size of a bus is called the bus .
    Answer: width
  73. The motherboard is sometimes called a(n) board.
    1. unit
    2. security
    3. system
    4. processor
  74. A(n) bus is used to transfer information about where the data should reside in memory.
    1. destination
    2. data
    3. address
    4. storage
  75. A(n) can act as an electronic switch that opens or closes the circuits for electrical charges.
    1. conductor
    2. transistor
    3. operator
    4. processor
  76. ROM stands for -only memory.
    Answer: read
  77. Choose a processor that exceeds the minimum system requirements of the programs and apps you wish to run, but it is not always necessary to purchase the most expensive computer with the fastest processor.
    Answer: True
  78. The is the component of the processor that performs arithmetic and comparison operations.
    1. CPU
    2. ALU
    3. control unit
    4. calculator
  79. Just as vehicles travel on a highway, bits travel on a(n) .
    1. bus
    2. circuit
    3. channel
    4. car
  80. Which of the following is NOT true about processors?
    1. Mobile devices often use low-voltage processors that do not require additional cooling.
    2. Processor chips include technologies to improve processing performance.
    3. Chip manufacturers rely on clock speed as the most important performance factor.
    4. Intel and AMD are the leading manufacturers of PC processor chips.

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