Module 3: Computers and Mobile Devices

Module 03

  1. How many instructions are supercomputers capable of processing in a single second?
    1. thousands
    2. millions
    3. billions
    4. trillions
  2. A supercomputer is the fastest, most powerful computer–and the most expensive.
    Answer: True
  3. Your school is in a safe neighborhood, but there have been a few thefts at ATMs. You work part-time in your school’s campus security office and have been asked to prepare tips for students about ATM safety.

    Which of the following will you NOT recommend?

    1. Cover the keypad or screen with one hand as you enter the PIN.
    2. Choose an ATM near the entrance to a building.
    3. Count the cash immediately to ensure you receive the right amount.
    4. Do not write your PIN on the back of the card.
  4. Sometimes called a system board, a(n) is the main circuit board of a personal computer.
    Answer: motherboard
  5. Which of the following is NOT true about PCs?
    1. Acer, Dell, and HP are examples of companies that sell computers that use the Mac operating system.
    2. A PC is intended to be used by one person at a time.
    3. PC sometimes is used to describe a computer that runs a Windows operating system.
    4. PC stands for personal computer.
  6. A(n) is a handheld vertical lever, mounted to a base, that you move to control the actions in a game.
    1. drive shaft
    2. gamepad
    3. joystick
    4. control wand
  7. When purchasing a digital camera, you do not need to worry about the memory card because all cameras use the same memory cards.
    Answer: False
  8. Which of the following are two main components on the motherboard?
    1. processor and memory
    2. memory and storage
    3. compiler and processor
    4. interpreter and compiler
  9. A docking station has less functionality than a port replicator.
    Answer: False
  10. CTS is inflammation of the nerve that connects the forearm to the palm of your hand.
    Answer: True
  11. computing refers to an environment that provides resources and services accessed via the Internet.
    1. Virtual
    2. Intranet
    3. Cloud
    4. Global
  12. A(n) tablet has a screen in its lid and a keyboard in its base, with the lid and base connected by a swivel-type hinge.
    1. ultrathin
    2. convertible
    3. detachable
    4. slate
  13. Another term for overvoltage is a(n) surge.
    Answer: power
  14. When purchasing a mobile computer, you should determine the form factor that meets your needs. What is a form factor?
    1. The size of the screen.
    2. The type of device, such as a tablet or ultrathin laptop.
    3. The speed at which data is processed.
    4. The ergonomic aspects of the computer.
  15. Your school is in a safe neighborhood, but there have been a few thefts at ATMs. You work part-time in your school’s campus security office and have been asked to prepare tips for students about ATM safety.

    Thieves can capture a credit card number by placing a(n) on an ATM.

    1. swiper
    2. skimmer
    3. scanner
    4. sweeper
  16. Once example of the trend called the Internet of Things is if your refrigerator sends your phone a message that you need milk.
    Answer: True
  17. Many handheld computers are industry-specific, such as for parcel delivery people.
    Answer: True
  18. Bluetooth devices have to be within about 33 feet of each other.
    Answer: True
  19. If you are purchasing a new desktop, chances are it will include the latest version of your preferred operating system.
    Answer: True
  20. A frame that houses the system unit on a desktop is called a(n) .
    1. sleeve
    2. tower
    3. briefcase
    4. canister
  21. is the process of initiating contact between two Bluetooth devices.
    1. Coupling
    2. Pairing
    3. Initiating
    4. Tethering
  22. Fitness games often communicate with a(n) board, which is shaped like a weight scale and contains sensors.
    1. motion
    2. step
    3. balance
    4. activity
  23. A port is the point at which a peripheral device attaches to or communicates with a computer or mobile device.
    Answer: True
  24. Your collection of stored digital media is called a media .
    Answer: library
  25. A smartphone is an Internet-capable phone that usually also includes a calendar, an address book, a calculator, a notepad, games, browser, and numerous other apps.
    Answer: True
  26. A self-service is a freestanding terminal that usually has a touch screen for user interaction. Examples include financial, photo, and ticket.
    Answer: kiosk
  27. Some smartphones use text, where you press one key on the keyboard or keypad for each letter in a word, and software on the phone suggests words you may want.
    1. predictive
    2. interpretive
    3. suggestive
    4. presumptive
  28. You use a POS terminal at work. Which of the following is the type of business at which you likely work?
    1. research laboratory
    2. retail
    3. financial
    4. library
  29. Smartphones and other mobile devices often can function as a portable media player.
    Answer: True
  30. A mail server stores and manages email lists.
    Answer: False
  31. A(n) computer is a PC designed to be in a stationary location.
    Answer: desktop
  32. Which of the following describes juice jacking?
    1. When the activities of one user on a Wi-Fi network causes other users’ Internet speed to be affected.
    2. A process to remove moisture and liquid from a device after it has inadvertently been submerged in water.
    3. When an overvoltage causes a temporary interruption to a device’s power supply.
    4. When a hacker steals data from or transfers malware to a device via a USB cable at a charging station.
  33. Information produced and stored by a computer is called .
    Answer: output
  34. A brownout is a complete power failure.
    Answer: False
  35. Some tablets include a(n) , which looks like a small ink pen, that you can use to enter data, make selections, or draw on a touch screen.
    Answer: stylus
  36. Which of the following best describes an ultrabook?
    1. An e-book reader that has capabilities similar to a tablet.
    2. A supercomputer in laptop format.
    3. A laptop with a large, detachable screen.
    4. A thin laptop that uses a low-power processor.
  37. Which of the following server types is in the form of a single circuit board?
    1. dedicated
    2. blade
    3. tower
    4. rack
  38. Older USB devices run faster in a new USB port.
    Answer: False
  39. An ATM asks you to enter a numeric password, called a PIN, which stands for Private Identity Name.
    Answer: False
  40. What part of the body does CVS impact?
    1. wrists
    2. ears
    3. arms
    4. eyes
  41. Which manufacturer uses the term AirPods to refer to headphones that fit in your ear and connect wirelessly to devices?
    1. Apple
    2. Nokia
    3. Samsung
    4. Blackberry
  42. Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the phrase or definition.
    1. The smallest element in an electronic image
      Answer: a. pixel
    2. Joins a cable to a port
      Answer: o. connector
    3. The point at which a peripheral device attaches to or communicates with a computer or mobile device
      Answer: n. port
    4. Can connect up to 127 different peripheral devices together with a single connector
      Answer: b. USB port
    5. An external device that provides connections to peripheral devices through ports built into the device
      Answer: c. port replicator
    6. Technology that uses short-range radio signals to transmit data between two specifically enabled devices
      Answer: m. Bluetooth
    7. Unsolicited email messages
      Answer: l. spam
    8. The electronic component that interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a computer
      Answer: d. CPU
    9. The case that contains and protects the motherboard, hard disk drive, memory, and other electronic components of the computer from damage
      Answer: e. system unit
    10. Another name for a notebook computer
      Answer: k. laptop
    11. A device that combines the features of a smartphone with a tablet
      Answer: j. phablet
    12. The practice of sharing or pooling computing resources, such as servers and storage devices
      Answer: f. virtualization
    13. A computer, usually with limited processing power, that enables users to send data to and/or receive information from a server
      Answer: i. terminal
    14. Another name for text message service
      Answer: g. SMS
    15. The number of horizontal and vertical pixels in a display device
      Answer: h. resolution
  43. Security experts recommend keeping the microphone port open when you are not using it to protect from spying.
    Answer: False
  44. Server uses software to enable a physical server to emulate the hardware and computing capabilities of one or more servers.
    Answer: virtualization
  45. Which of the following would not fit on a desk or your hand?
    1. supercomputer
    2. mobile computer
    3. PC
    4. game console
  46. For which purpose might you use a CSC?
    1. To receive a notification from a website.
    2. To send a message to your mobile service provider.
    3. To text a friend a link to a website.
    4. To save content from a text to your phone.
  47. A point-and-shoot camera is a high-end digital camera that has interchangeable lenses.
    Answer: False
  48. Cloud computing uses server virtualization.
    Answer: True
  49. Instead of the term, port, the term, , sometimes is used to identify audio and video ports.
    Answer: jack
  50. A(n) device is a small, mobile computing device designed to be worn. Examples include activity trackers and smartwatches.
    Answer: wearable
  51. Which of the following is recommended to avoid malware infections?
    1. Malware authors typically avoid social media.
    2. Flash memory storage from a friend should be safe to use without scanning.
    3. Some software touted as offering malware protection actually installs more malware.
    4. If a pop-up window warns you that your computer is infected with a virus, follow its instructions.
  52. In M2M communication, such as with the Internet of Things trend, the M stands for .
    1. media
    2. mobile
    3. machine
    4. manufacturer
  53. A mainframe is a network of several servers together in a single location.
    Answer: False
  54. A(n) computer is a small computer usually the same size as a USB flash drive.
    Answer: stick
  55. A keyboard, mouse, and microphone all are examples of peripheral devices.
    Answer: True
  56. A(n) is a thin, lighter-weight mobile computer that has a touch screen.
    1. tablet
    2. PC
    3. notebook
    4. desktop
  57. Your friend Marvin works weekends in an electronics store selling computers. You are in the market for a new desktop for your home.

    Which of the following does Marvin NOT recommend you do?

    1. Know the system requirements of the operating system you want to use.
    2. Avoid purchasing the least powerful desktop available.
    3. Consider a touch screen monitor.
    4. Purchase software separately rather than having it bundled with the computer.
  58. With voice mail, users can view message details, and in some cases read message contents without listening to them.
    1. text
    2. virtual
    3. interpreted
    4. visual
  59. A(n) is a computer dedicated to providing one or more services to other computers on a network.
    Answer: server
  60. Which of the following is NOT recommended to prevent CTS?
    1. Place the mouse at least six inches from the edge of the desk.
    2. Place your wrists on the edge of the desk.
    3. Minimize the number of times you switch between the mouse and keyboard.
    4. Avoid using the heel of your hand as a pivot point while typing or using the mouse.
  61. The actual photographed resolution is known as the resolution.
    1. original
    2. native
    3. optical
    4. raw
  62. Power users may work with a high-end desktop, sometimes called a(n) , designed to handle intense calculations and sophisticated graphics.
    1. magnapower
    2. ultrabook
    3. workstation
    4. supercomputer
  63. Examples of a(n) computer for automobiles include antilock brakes, airbag control units, and cruise control.
    Answer: embedded
  64. Most handheld game devices can communicate wirelessly with other similar devices for multiplayer gaming.
    Answer: True
  65. When purchasing a mobile computer, which of the following is NOT recommended?
    1. Upgrading a mobile computer’s memory and internal storage may be less expensive at the time of initial purchase.
    2. Consider purchasing a second battery if you plan to use your mobile device for a long time without access to an outlet.
    3. The availability of ports is not important because you can always add ports.
    4. If you have large fingers, you should not purchase a computer with a small, condensed keyboard.
  66. Data that a computer accepts and processes is called .
    1. bytes
    2. digital facts
    3. input
    4. information
  67. A(n) client is a terminal that looks like a desktop but has limited capabilities and components.
    Answer: thin
  68. Your friend Marvin works weekends in an electronics store selling computers. You are in the market for a new desktop for your home.

    Why does Marvin recommend that you consider an all-in-one?

    1. They usually come with a better warranty.
    2. Although they take up more space, they are more powerful.
    3. They typically are less susceptible to hacking and malware.
    4. It may be less expensive than purchasing a tower and monitor separately.
  69. A(n) notification is a message that initiates from the sending location without a request from the receiver. With a(n) notification, the receiver requests information from the sending location.
    1. push, pull
    2. input, output
    3. receive, request
    4. opt-in, opt-out
  70. Most computers and electronic devices are analog, which uses only two discrete states: on and off.
    Answer: False
  71. blindness occurs when a person’s attention is diverted while performing a natural activity, such as walking.
    1. Inattentional
    2. Accidental
    3. Occupational
    4. Virtual
  72. Malware creators are targeting smartphones, particularly those using the Android operating system.
    Answer: True
  73. A(n) digital camera can communicate wirelessly with other devices and can include apps.
    Answer: smart
  74. Which of the following server types is housed in a slot on a metal frame?
    1. dedicated
    2. rack
    3. tower
    4. blade
  75. A stick computer has a large amount of storage space.
    Answer: False
  76. Reliance on electronic stability control may cause you to drive slower than conditions allow.
    Answer: False
  77. Some smartphones support a(n) keyboard app, on which users enter words by tracing a path on an on-screen keyboard.
    1. virtual
    2. touch
    3. finger
    4. swipe
  78. Lighting, HDMI, and Thunderbolt are all types of .
    1. gaming consoles
    2. networks
    3. ports
    4. ISP
  79. Which of the following is NOT true about e-book readers?
    1. Most e-book readers can store thousands of books.
    2. Batteries usually have a long life.
    3. E-book readers are available with an electronic paper black-and-white screen or a color screen.
    4. E-book readers usually are larger than both smartphones and tablets.
  80. Which of the following is NOT true about servers?
    1. In many cases, a server accesses data, information, and programs on another server.
    2. Services provided by servers include storing content and controlling access to network resources.
    3. Form factors for servers include rack, blade, and tower.
    4. Dedicated servers typically do not require a fast processor, and use little memory.

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