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Part One : Expressions (Items 1-15)

Choose the best answer.

1-2 At a party

Becky: Hi, Betty.
Betty: Hi, Becky. Great to see you again. 1 ?
Becky: Yeah. The last time we met was two months ago. 2 ?
Betty: Just fine, but busy. I started evening classes a couple of weeks ago. I’m learning Russian.
Becky: Really? That sounds interesting.
    1. Where have you been
    2. It’s been ages, hasn’t it
    3. What’s going on
    4. We’ve met before, haven’t we
    1. How do you do
    2. How did it happen
    3. How about you
    4. How are things with you

3-5 At a hospital

Doctor: Good morning. Now 3 ?
Patient: My right ear hurts.
Doctor: Hmmm…it’s a bit red in there. 4 ?
Patient: Two days ago, and I took some painkillers. It didn’t get any better.
Doctor: Well… I think you’ve got an infection. 5 – one capsule after breakfast. If it still hurts, come and see me again on Sunday.
    1. what causes the problem
    2. what seems to be the problem
    3. what should I advise
    4. what are you looking for
    1. When did it start
    2. What did you do to your ear
    3. Where did you get it
    4. How long did it take
    1. Apply this on the red spot
    2. Drink two glasses of water
    3. Take this medication
    4. Have a lot of rest

6-7 At a hotel

Guest: I need to be at the airport by 4.30.
Receptionist: 6 ?
Guest: Yes, please. For about 3.30, I think.
Receptionist: 7 3? The traffic is usually terrible at that time of the day.
Guest: Yes, that’s great. Thank you.
    1. Would you like a wake-up call
    2. Shall I give you a lift there
    3. Would you like me to confirm your flight
    4. Shall I book you a taxi
    1. Could you try at
    2. Won’t you get there by
    3. May I make it
    4. Does your flight leave at

8-10 In a restaurant

Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Phil: Yes, I think so. Erm…. 8 ?
Waiter: Today we have mushroom soup.
Phil: Great. It’s my favorite. 9 and the steak, please.
Waiter: 10 ?
Phil: Medium, please.
    1. How long it the soup cooked
    2. What is the soup of the day
    3. Why do you change the soup every day
    4. How many soups are served today
    1. I’ll have that
    2. I want some salad
    3. I’d like to order it later
    4. I prefer the soup
    1. What kind of meat would you like
    2. What do you want your steak to look like
    3. How big would you like your steak
    4. How would you like your steak

11-13 At the gym

Laura: Hi, my name is Laura. I’m new here. 11 ?
Receptionist: Sure. I can give you a tour of the gym and explain the gym rules.
Laura: Great. 12 . Where do we start?
Receptionist: First, you have to show your member card, and you can use any machine you like. Make sure that you wear proper shoes. Sandals or high heels are not allowed. They’re not safe.
Laura: 13 Oh, can we go into that room first?
Receptionist: Of course. That is the weight room.
    1. Do I have to pay for the gym
    2. Can you give me information about the gym
    3. Could you show me where the gym is
    4. Do you know how to be a member of the gym
    1. I don’t have much time
    2. That would be really helpful
    3. You’re knowledgeable
    4. You must be a good tour guide
    1. It’s sounds fun.
    2. How wonderful!
    3. What a rule!
    4. That makes sense.

14-15 In the office

Jake: Hi, Pat. How was your weekend?
Pat: Terrible. I was really ill.
Jake: Oh, dear. 14
Pat: I had food poisoning, and I had to cancel my trip to Brighton.
Jake: 15 ! Are you OK now?
Pat: Yes, much better. Thanks.
    1. I’m not surprised.
    2. What was the matter?
    3. You will be fine.
    4. Where did you buy your food?
    1. It’s unbelievable
    2. I can’t believe it
    3. What a shame
    4. Shame on you

Part Two : Vocabulary (Items 16-30)

Items 16-25 : Meaning in Context

Choose the best answer.

  1. Swamps, canals, rivers, and lakes are known to be common for crocodiles.
    1. residences
    2. habitats
    3. venues
    4. settings
  2. The fire that destroyed hundreds of houses and buildings was set by a woman who wanted to claim 2 million baht fire insurance.
    1. genuinely
    2. instantly
    3. deliberately
    4. spontaneously
  3. Lack of healthy food, fresh air, and proper exercise can result in young children being physical problems.
    1. vulnerable to
    2. conscious about
    3. flexible with
    4. anxious for
  4. Due to political unrest in the area, the of people was expected to take place at any moment.
    1. exploitation
    2. cooperation
    3. recommendation
    4. evacuation
  5. With multiple ranging from flax seed cookies to wheat biscuits, this bakery has become popular for lovers of organic cakes.
    1. options
    2. menus
    3. vouchers
    4. outlets
  6. When travelling to other countries, it is important to remember which behavior is and which is .
    1. appreciated, acceptable
    2. forbidden, appropriate
    3. preserved, aggressive
    4. prevented, assertive
  7. While the venom of some snakes is to humans, that of others could be .
    1. harmless, fatal
    2. priceless, vital
    3. powerful, curable
    4. frightful, edible
  8. Mobile phones were created to make life more , but they are actually beginning to with the lives of some users.
    1. pleasurable, connect
    2. efficient, interact
    3. admirable, compromise
    4. convenient, interfere
  9. A good website must be easy to because if visitors can’t find what they want quickly, they will go to a website of a .
    1. navigate, competitor
    2. design, creator
    3. establish, designer
    4. construct, founder
  10. We should be very about judging a person to be ill just because he or she acts in a way that we cannot understand.
    1. worried, seriously
    2. prepared, severely
    3. cautions, mentally
    4. certain, terminally

Items 26-30 : Meaning Recognition

Choose the alternative which has the same meaning as the underlined word in the given sentence.

  1. Idaho teenagers cross the state line to work in fast-food restaurants in Washington.
    1. Try to keep the line free; your parents said they would call you soon.
    2. The Instant Replay showed that the ball had gone over the line.
    3. The movie was popular so there was a long line at the box office.
    4. The town was hit by a snowstorm, which brought down a power line.
  2. A terrible thought struck her; her husband might have been the killer.
    1. Upon entering the dark cave, we struck a match and lit a torch.
    2. The early settlers struck gold in the west of the USA.
    3. The burglar struck him right on the head with a heavy stick.
    4. It suddenly struck him that he had made a terrible mistake.
  3. Spring is seen as a time of growth, renewal, and rebirth.
    1. Mineral water from a spring contains as many as 100 minerals.
    2. I can’t sleep very well; my mattress has lost most of its spring.
    3. With a spring, he jumped over the low wall and ran after the robber.
    4. Spring is in the air and we will be able to enjoy the outdoors soon.
  4. You can’t fool my mother; her sharp eyes miss nothing.
    1. Mental exercise can help keep your mind sharp.
    2. When travelling at high speed, beware of sharp curves in the road.
    3. Throw away all needles and other sharp objects in a red container.
    4. Lifting a heavy object can cause muscles injury, resulting in a sharp pain.
  5. I might have to find a new apartment; my landlord has raised the rent.
    1. The committee raised the issue of a student’s improper behavior.
    2. The Nobel Prize winner was born and raised in New York.
    3. The board raised the interest rates in response to the changing market.
    4. It was quite painful for her when she raised her injured arm.

Part Three : Reading (Items 31-45)

Choose the best answer.

Passage 1

People who have Botox injections may end up with fewer crow’s feet, but at a cost to their overall happiness. Researchers have found that the treatment freezes the muscles and can weaken the strength of a smile. Even if Botox is injected into the skin around the eyes, it can have a significant effect on people’s moods, leaving them less happy and depressed. Scientists have long believed that each facial expression not only reflects but also reinforces a particular emotion, says The Times. To see if this had implications for cosmetic procedures, Michael Lewis compared people who had had Botox injected around their eyes with those who had used other treatments, such as facial peels which affect only the surface. He found that feelings of unhappiness and depression were 50% higher in the Botox group. “We smile because we’re happy but smiling also makes us happy.” he advised.

  1. What is the main idea of the passage?
    1. Botox increases people’s overall happiness.
    2. Botox can make people unhappy and depressed.
    3. Botox helps with the appearance of crow’s feet.
    4. Botox is now widely available at a low cost.
  2. The word ‘this’ refers to .
    1. The Times newspaper
    2. a particular emotion
    3. scientists’ belief
    4. facial expression
  3. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
    1. Botox injections freeze the muscles of the face.
    2. Facial peels leave the facial muscles unchanged.
    3. Botox can have an effect on how one smiles.
    4. Lewis thinks Botox still needs more research.

Passage 2

Bangkok has many co-working spaces for freelancers, start-ups and small companies and their number is on the rise. Hive in Bangkok, the brand’s first international branch outside Hong Kong, has an inspiring interior with its loft feel and ample natural light coming through large windows. The seven-storey building offers different settings. You can come and go with laptops, there are hot desks that you can use for a short time. If you need to bring your desktop and leave it there on your desk, it can be arranged. Should you already work with a small team of people, rent your own office. Or work while drinking a beer at the rooftop garden bar.
Hive creates an environment that encourages productivity but connects like-minded people who work in different trades. They bring members together through activities such as movie nights and networking over beers. They also have Hivers Seeking Help, an email list that members can use to ask for or give help. People who have already signed up with them include a filmmaker, magazine team, app developer and an advertising agency. The ratio between Thai and expat members in now 50:50.

  1. Based on the passage, the word that best describes the interior design at Hive is .
    1. classic
    2. airy
    3. fancy
    4. colorful
  2. Which of the following is TRUE?
    1. Hive discourages the consumption of alcohol.
    2. Hive provides members with customers’ emails.
    3. Hive has its headquarter in Hong Kong.
    4. Hive’s clients are mainly Thais.
  3. What is NOT being implied?
    1. Working in a nice atmosphere could increase your productivity.
    2. A membership here may lead to future collaborations.
    3. Hive is ideal for people who can only work in peace and quite.
    4. Hive enables you to meet people in other fields.
  4. The phrase ‘hot desks’ refers to desks .
    1. that do not belong to anyone in particular
    2. for those who would rather work outdoors
    3. for those whose laptops need to be repaired
    4. where people come to ask for or offer help

Passage 3

Michelle Obama wants Americans to drink more water, says Jonah Goldberg. “Water is just so basic,” the first lady explained from Watertown, Wisconsin, recently, “and because it’s so plentiful, sometimes we just forget about it.” The campaign has been sold as an effort to counter dehydration and the headaches it can cause, but the real agenda is to get people to fill their stomach with something more wholesome than fizzy pop. On this front, however, Obama is pushing against an open door.
In 1998, soda was the country’s number one drink of choice, with Americans consuming 54 gallons of the stuff every year. Today, it’s down to 44 gallons, while water consumption has hit 58 gallons and rising.
The real turning point came in 2006, when Americans started drinking more water than beer. It’s good news for the nation’s health, but not for the environment (bottled water accounts for 21 of those 58 gallons) and not, perhaps, for community relations. As the political scientist Susan McWilliams once lamented: “There’s a reason why beer commercials tend to include lots of people hanging out in a room together, and bottled water commercials tend to include lone individuals running around by themselves.”

  1. The phrase ‘The campaign’ refers to the effort to .
    1. get Obama to win the election
    2. promote sales of bottled water
    3. get Americans to drink more water
    4. clean up Watertown in Wisconsin
  2. The author thinks Obama is ‘pushing against an open door’ because .
    1. Americans are already drinking more water
    2. everyone turns out to welcome the First Lady
    3. American people have health problems
    4. beer has dominated the consumer market
  3. What is the main idea of the passage?
    1. Obama has been praised for her efforts to improve the nation’s health.
    2. Drinking water can help fight off dehydration and headaches.
    3. Americans’ healthier habits could affect the environment and relationships.
    4. The nation’s favorite party beverages are soda and beer.
  4. Which of the following is TRUE?
    1. Susan McWilliams is positive about the current trend.
    2. Americans drink more water from a bottle than from all other sources combined.
    3. Beer is often associated with social gatherings, togetherness, and friendship.
    4. Bottled water is healthier than soda and better for the environment.

Passage 4

In 2001, reporter Luwei (Rose) Luqiu appeared on Chinese television screens from a dangerous area: the war zone in Afghanistan. In 2003, she was reporting from Iraq. Soon named “Battlefield Rose,” Luqiu became a media phenomenon.
“Rose inspired me,” says Hong Kong reporter Shirley Zhao, then a teenager in southern China. “I thought as a woman she was very brave to go to the front. Her performance in the field made the whole nation proud.”
Westerners may have grown blase about Christiane Amanpour and other women reporting from the frontlines. “Luqiu not only demonstrated women could do a dangerous job as courageously as men,” says her boss, Oliver Lu, “but showed that Chinese female reporters can do the same things as Western female reporters.”
Now, a decade later, the Chinese also have reason to become blasé. Young women have flooded Chinese journalism schools and media jobs. During the Libyan uprising, Luqiu spent 40 days in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, but when it was time for her employer to give her a break, Hong Kong- based Phoenix TV replaced her with another female reporter. It turns out all six staff reporters were women.
Luqiu was at the forefront of another trend in China: the dawn of the Chinese blogosphere. In late 2005, a colleague posted two of Liqiu’s commentaries on Sina, the Mandarin-language Web portal. Within a day she’d received 80,000 hits. Luqiu dubbed the blog “Rose Garden,” and her analyses of domestic affair drew two million regular readers. Today, she also hosts a public-affairs program about China, traversing the mainland to interview top officials.

  1. Which of the following best describes Luwei Luqiu?
    1. A reporter whose commentaries were regularly posted.
    2. The woman who offers insights into Chinese teenagers.
    3. The woman who changed Chinese journalism.
    4. A teenager in southern China brave enough to go to the front.
  2. Luqiu ‘become a media phenomenon’ because .
    1. it was quite rare for a Chinese female reporter to work in the battlefield
    2. not many journalists had reported live from both Afghanistan and Iraq
    3. she reminded the Chinese audience of what reporters went through
    4. she was so passionate about her work that she would not take a break
  3. The Chinese have become blasé because .
    1. Christiane Amanpour and other women report from the frontlines
    2. more and more Chinese women have chosen a career in journalism
    3. on the battlefield, journalists only have to think about their safety
    4. most Chinese women are horrified by the reports on Iraq situations
  4. The author cities the number of people who were following Luqiu’s blog regularly to claim that .
    1. she was at the forefront of the then-emerging trend of blogging in China
    2. her commentaries had received 80,000 hits within a single day
    3. she is the only reporter who gets to interview top officials in China
    4. female reporters are as good as their male counterparts in all aspects

Part Four : Structure and Writing (Items 46-60)

Items 46-50

Choose the underlined part that is grammatically wrong.

  1. A powerful storm with tornadoes (1) lip through Nebraska, (2) destroying most of the tiny town (3) of Pilger and injuring at least 19 people, emergency (4) officials said.
  2. The influx of Chinese buyers has helped (1) push home prices higher in places (2) like San Francisco and has forced less wealthy buyers to turn to (3) near cities, (4) keeping those markets afloat as well.
  3. There are (1) times when a flying experience is memorable for all the wrong reasons: mechanical problems, bad food, (2) lose luggage or (3) a number of other problems that result (4) in significant inconvenience.
  4. Bill Gates (1) told the BBC that aid remains vital in ensuring that Africa (2) lifted from poverty, but (3) that African countries need (4) to find solutions for their own problems.
  5. The analysis of (1) 150-million-year-old fossils (2) indicates that feathers were more widespread (3) among dinosaurs than (4) previous thought.

Items 51-55

Choose the best answer.

In the 19th century, the way people used herbs 51 . Scientists began to study the 52 that help people to stay healthy. Using herbs to treat illnesses can be difficult because each plant produces 53 of medicine. The season, climate, and soil 54 of herbs. If people 55 too much herbal medicine, they may be sick or even die.

    1. as medicine changed
    2. for medicine has changed
    3. to medicine has been changing
    4. like medicine had been changing
    1. chemical finding in a plant
    2. chemical finding inside a plant
    3. chemicals found in plants
    4. chemicals found inside plants
    1. different dose
    2. a different dose
    3. the different doses
    4. any different doses
    1. they affect a strength
    2. almost affect strength
    3. most affect strength
    4. all affect the strength
    1. take
    2. took
    3. will take
    4. had taken

Items 56-60

Choose the best answer.

(A) Research in learning suggests that getting good grades . (B) First, students with high grades prepare for exams in advance by reviewing their note periodically, (C) In contrast, students with poor grades will wait until the last minute and they cram. (D) However, cramming does not produce the desired exam results. (E) Second, students with high grades organize their time and plan when they will complete their assignment. (F) Students with low grades, in contrast, ignore schedules and hope that they will finish their work on time. (G) However, the schedule is subject to change without notice. (H) Unfortunately, time usually runs out, and they do not get the work don. (I) .

  1. Which one best completes the topic sentence A?
    1. is the ultimate goal of good students
    2. result from taking goods lecture notes
    3. depends on effective study skills
    4. encourages students to complete their assignments
  2. Which one has the same meaning as the highlighted part in sentence B?
    1. studying their lecture notes on a regular basis
    2. memorizing the periodic tables in textbook
    3. examining the notebooks carefully before class
    4. having people comment on their lecture notes for a period of time
  3. Which sentence can be added after sentence D to make a good paragraph?
    1. Cramming can, in fact, have a negative impact on the brain.
    2. In fact, the desired results can be difficult to accomplish.
    3. So cramming is suitable for non-academic activities.
    4. Undesirable results are usually unexpected.
  4. Which sentence does not belong?
    1. C
    2. E
    3. F
    4. G
  5. What is the best concluding sentence for this paragraph?
    1. In short, getting good grades opens doors to the job market.
    2. To conclude, attending lectures is vital for academic success.
    3. In summary, effective study skills are important for good results.
    4. In conclusion, completing assignments on time is a rewarding experience.


1. 2
2. 4
3. 2
4. 1
5. 3
6. 4
7. 3
8. 2
9. 1
10. 4
11. 2
12. 2
13. 4
14. 2
15. 3
16. 2
17. 3
18. 1
19. 4
20. 1
21. 2
22. 1
23. 4
24. 1
25. 3
26. 2
27. 4
28. 4
29. 1
30. 3
31. 2
32. 2
33. 4
34. 2
35. 3
36. 3
37. 1
38. 3
39. 1
40. 3
41. 3
42. 3
43. 1
44. 2
45. 1
46. 1
47. 3
48. 2
49. 2
50. 4
51. 1
52. 3
53. 3
54. 1
55. 1
56. 3
57. 1
58. 1
59. 4
60. 3

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