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Part One : Expressions (Items 1-15)

Choose the best answer.

1-2 A new neighbor

Andrea: Maria has struggled since she moved to Chicago.
Rosteen: 1 ?
Andrea: She has three children. She brought them with her when she came here.
Rosteen: What about her husband? Did he come too?
Andrea: Her husband got killed in a road accident last year. 2 .
Rosteen: That’s hard. I feel for her.
    1. Why has her life been so difficult
    2. How did she earn a living
    3. What does she think of Chicago
    4. When did she move here
    1. There is no need to worry about her husband
    2. She has been raising the children herself
    3. Her husband left her a lot of money
    4. She can go wherever she wants

3-4 A friend’s new job

Colleen: What does Juanita want to do?
Julia: She’s interested in getting a better job, but she needs to learn more English.
Colleen: 3 ?
Julia: She would like to be a secretary. She’s tired of being a waitress.
Colleen: She’ll need to take some courses. Catonsville College has a good clerical training program.
Julia: Yes. 4 .
Colleen: Then she’d better hurry. They only accept a maximum of 20 people.
    1. Is it difficult to get a job
    2. How does she feel about learning English
    3. What kind of work is she interested in
    4. Is her English that bad
    1. She is hoping to enroll in a computer class
    2. But she plans to take a swimming class
    3. Training programs are quite expensive
    4. She hates taking classes for a new job

5-6 Pair work in class

Kathy: I don’t really understand this assignment. 5 ?
Kevin: Sure. We’re supposed to come up with three new marketing strategies in five minutes.
Kathy: I don’t think of anything. My mind’s blank.
Kevin: 6 .
Kathy: Go ahead.
    1. Do you understand how busy I am
    2. Can you explain it to me
    3. Can you finish it for me
    4. Is it due tomorrow
    1. Let’s stop and have coffee instead
    2. We can go wherever we want to
    3. Tell me when you are ready
    4. I’ll start then

7 A colleague’s problem

Andrew: Mason looks really annoyed. 7 ?
Tony: I’m not sure. Maybe his girlfriend is late again.
Andrew: Yes, that could be the problem. She’s late a lot.
Tony: True. Last week they missed the train home.
    1. Why is he late
    2. When is he going to be home
    3. What could be bothering him
    4. Where did he first meet his girlfriend

8 A visit to the doctor

Paul: Well, you suggested that I see my doctor, so I did.
Randy: And what did he say? 8 ?
Paul: Yes, he told me to take regular exercise and sleep eight hours a night.
    1. Was the visit a pleasant one
    2. Did he give you any good advice
    3. Did he ask you a lot of questions
    4. Was the doctor on time

9-10 Relationship

Anita: Guess who I ran into today! Your best friend, Jeff.
Maggie: Oh, we used to be best friends, but not any more.
Anita: 9 ! You two were so close 3 years ago. What happened?
Maggie: Well, we spent a lot of time together at first, but then it got to be too much. I guess 10 .
Anita: I know what you mean. My friend Julia used to drop by several times a day. I finally had to ask her to stop coming round so often.
    1. You’re kidding
    2. What a nice surprise
    3. I couldn’t agree more
    4. How interesting your friendship is
    1. he’s got a new girlfriend to go out with
    2. he’s too good to be around a crazy girl like me
    3. I’m not used to being around one person all the time
    4. new technology makes getting together unnecessary

11-12 Job interview

Interviewer: So, Mr. Wilson, you’re apply for a management position. 11
Mr. Wilson: Certainly.
Interviewer: First of all, well, could you describe yourself?
Mr. Wilson: I’m a calm person by nature. So, I don’t panic when there’s a problem.
Interviewer: Great. 12 ?
Mr. Wilson: I’m hardworking and good at listening to people. I can find solutions to difficult problems. However, I’m a bit disorganized and can’t stand long meetings.
    1. Why do you want a position here?
    2. I’d like to ask you a few questions.
    3. What do you know about this position?
    4. I think there’s a vacancy.
    1. What was your position before you resigned
    2. Why are you applying for this position
    3. What are your strengths and your weaknesses
    4. Why did you quit your previous job

13-15 On the phone

Customer: Hi. I’d like to make an appointment to have my hair done.
Hairdresser: Yes. 13 ?
Customer: Do you have anything for tomorrow afternoon?
Hairdresser: Oh, yes. We have a one-thirty and a three.
Customer: Ok. One-Thirty, please.
Hairdresser: Fine. 14 ?
Customer: Well, my hair is getting too long. It needs a trim.
Hairdresser: 15 ?
Customer: Of course. It’s Alice. Alice Garner.
    1. What time can I go to your place
    2. When would you like to come in
    3. For how long have you been free
    4. How long will it take you
    1. How was your hair
    2. How do you like your hair cut
    3. What style do you want
    4. What would you like to have done
    1. Can I have your name
    2. Who recommended this place to you
    3. Who am I speaking to
    4. Who would you like to do your hair

Part Two : Vocabulary (Items 16-30)

Items 16-25 : Meaning in Context

Choose the best answer.

  1. The glasses were packed in a rigid plastic container to avoid damage.
    1. inflexible
    2. unrealistic
    3. unimportant
    4. inexpensive
  2. We bought that house because of its proximity to the school. The kids can now walk there.
    1. connection
    2. relation
    3. reference
    4. nearness
  3. An airline spokesman stated that the safety of the passengers was absolutely paramount.
    1. important
    2. impressive
    3. predictable
    4. avoidable
  4. It is law that everyone at the crime scene is obliged to tell the truth about what happened.
    1. requested
    2. reported
    3. required
    4. relaxed
  5. One day, every household will have access to 4G, which will accelerate worldwide communication.
    1. break up
    2. take up
    3. speed up
    4. start up
  6. In the 1970s, the Maori realized that they needed to save their language in order to their cultural .
    1. organize, background
    2. maintain, identity
    3. manage, belief
    4. obtain, community
  7. Urban planners try to conflicts between cars and when they design streets.
    1. calculate, commuters
    2. negotiate, passengers
    3. anticipate, pedestrians
    4. estimate, audiences
  8. There is growing that music can cause changes to the body, which can improve our health.
    1. research, identical
    2. demand, noticeable
    3. interest, reliable
    4. evidence, chemical
  9. Ebola has to several countries, becoming a global health .
    1. spread, emergency
    2. expanded, urgency
    3. extended, anxiety
    4. evidence, physical
  10. In order to select which city or state will the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee asks several questions.
    1. host, fundamental
    2. fund, memorable
    3. schedule, essential
    4. sponsor, complicated

Items 26-30 : Meaning Recognition

Choose the alternative which has the same meaning as the underlined word in the given sentence.

  1. Russia’s economy has been hit hard by the Ukrainian crisis.
    1. He was hit by a stray bullet during the attack.
    2. We were all hit by the change in the management team.
    3. I wouldn’t be surprised if these stories hit the front page.
    4. Oil prices are expected to hit a new high next week.
  2. She dreams to run a bakery business in a small town.
    1. Athletic ability and musical talent seem to run in that family.
    2. I never buy cheap nylon stockings; they run so easily.
    3. He planned to run for mayor but he changes his mind.
    4. Non-profit organizations are not always easy to run.
  3. There’s a fair amount of work to be done before we can go home.
    1. He takes it as his duty to be fair to the company and the clients.
    2. I think the actors gave only a fair performance of the play.
    3. Without sunscreen, fair to medium skin burns in 6 minutes.
    4. She live a fair distance away so I don’t get to see her very often.
  4. It took me ages to sort my childhood pictures, so please keep them in correct order.
    1. The worker admitted that he had disobeyed his boss’s order.
    2. The important events are presented in chronological order.
    3. Contact the company if your order has not arrived by Friday.
    4. The police tried to maintain order during the protest.
  5. A 15% cut in salary was needed for the company to survive.
    1. The designer is famous for the elegant cut of his dresses.
    2. Make sure you get a cut and blow-dry before the interview.
    3. He walked away from the crash with the cut in the arm.
    4. The president proposed a tax cut that will benefit the people.

Part Three : Reading (Items 31-45)

Choose the best answer.

Passage 1

The shower gets more use than the bathtub in many households. That’s why some homeowners are ripping out their tubs completely, creating bigger showers instead. Extra shower space allows for multiple shower heads, a built-in seat and designs without shower doors, said John Petrie, president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, in an email interview about current kitchen and bath trends. They can be designed without a threshold which look more contemporary and are easier for people to use as they get older. “People really like the bigger showers. They like that there’s elbow room.” said Susie Johnson, a real-estate agent with Coldwell Banker Gundaker in St. Louis. Meanwhile, comments she hears from prospective buyers about whirlpool tubs when walking through a property are often along the lines of: “That’s a nice tub but I don’t take baths.” she said.
“Now, keep in mind that a home should still have at least one bathtub.” Johnson added.
“Having a tub will be important at resale for some buyers, particularly those with small children. For high- end homes, buyers expect a shower and a separate bathtub, especially in the master bath.” she said.

One other possible consideration before ripping out a bathtub is how it will be viewed by multiple-listing services when you’re selling the home. Realtor.com. for example, defines a “full bathroom” as having a toilet, a sink and a bathtub. A room with a toilet, sink and shower is a “three-quarter bathroom.” A room with only a toilet and sink is defined as a “half bathroom” or “powder room.” “But those definitions aren’t universal, and often a full bathroom is considered as any room in which a person can bathe (be it by bath or shower). Besides, descriptions of what the bathrooms contain in the listing help clear up any confusion.” she said.

  1. What is being discussed in the excerpt?
    1. Showers and families with children.
    2. Showers and bathtubs.
    3. Current kitchen and bath trends.
    4. Big showers and small houses.
  2. Homeowners might want to get rid of a bathtub if .
    1. they are worried about elbow injuries
    2. they want to have extra shower room
    3. there are small children in the house
    4. they are considering selling the house
  3. According to Realtor.com, a exists in all kinds of bathrooms.
    1. toilet
    2. shower
    3. bathtub
    4. threshold

Passage 2

The stakes could not be higher for China, the largest investor in South Sudan’s oil sector, as fierce fighting continues between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and those of his former deputy. Some of the largest oil fields China operates are in areas controlled by fighters backing Riek Machar, the country’s vice-president until he was sacked in July. Oil production has already dropped by 20% since the onset of the conflict three weeks ago and more than 300 Chinese workers have been evacuated. The spectre of their Libyan experience also weighs heavily on the Chinese minds – project after project now lies deserted because of heavy fighting during the Arab Spring uprising of 2011, inflicting huge losses on China. It is no surprise then that China is putting its full weight behind the peace talks in Addis Ababa.
Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in the Ethiopian capital on Monday and made it clear that China wanted both sides to stop fighting and seek a reasonable and rational way out. According to media reports, he was even willing to mediate personally between the warring sides. “It is unclear if Mr. Wang has been able to do this, but his message was important,” reports the BBC’s Emmanuel Igunza from Addis Ababa.
“It demonstrates how seriously the international community is taking the crisis – with many diplomats present at the talks,” he says. Apart from China’s Africa envoy Zhong Jianhua, US special envoy Donald Booth and EU special representative Alexander Rondos are also attending.

  1. The phrase ‘the warring sides’ refers to .
    1. Chinese workers and the Sudanese government
    2. Chinese and Ethiopian armed forces
    3. supporters of South Sudan’s President and ex Vice-President
    4. China’s oil companies and Libya
  2. According to the passage, why is China anxious about the crisis?
    1. They are supporters of world peace.
    2. Fighting has interfered with its oil production.
    3. 300 Chinese workers have already been killed.
    4. Fighting could start in the Ethiopian capital.
  3. The function of the last sentence is to .
    1. describe the intensity of the situation
    2. hint at another possible outcome
    3. contradict the preceding sentence
    4. support the preceding sentence
  4. Which of the following is NOT true?
    1. The stakes could not be very high for a large country like China.
    2. China suffered huge losses as a result of fighting in Libya.
    3. Ethiopia hosted peace talks where China made their intentions clear.
    4. The US and EU did not ignore the ongoing crisis.

Passage 3

If you have a tween on your holiday gift list and have no idea what to get them, you are not alone. This age is difficult to shop for because they are too old to be interested in the “little kid” stuff, but too young to be into teen and young adult stuff. No matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, your child, grandchild, or your niece or nephew, we have some gift suggestions that will not only bring a smile to the recipient’s face, but will please their parents, too.
This is the age where most girls start gaining interest in what they look like, so where clothes used to be a nuisance as a holiday gift, they are welcome surprise. However, buying clothes for her, without her there to say what she likes, what she already has, or thinks is cool, it is a risky purchase. If you decide to purchase clothes for her, purchase gift cards for the various stores you think she may be interested in, or a mall gift card, and take her shopping with you after the holiday, so you can take advantage of all the sales and get more for your money. Choosing the gift cards beforehand will also give you more control over where she shops to prevent her from getting clothing items you do not approve of.
What sports and other outdoor activities does the boy on your list love? Whether he plays or watches, there are many different things you can do. Visit your local sporting goods store to update his game equipment. Shop online for various sports memorabilia, from cards to autographed photos. Shop sporting event tickets to take him a game at some point this season. Purchase clothing and accessory items from t-shirts and jerseys to jackets and hats.
For the fun of outdoor activities indoors, tween boys can get moving with Active Life Outdoor Challenge or NFL Training Camp for the Wii. If he has a PlayStation 3, check out EA Sports Active 2. These games aren’t just fun; they encourage healthy activity levels, too!

  1. A ‘tween’ refers to a .
    1. twin
    2. pre-teen kid
    3. teenager
    4. little kid
  2. Which is NOT a reason for giving tween girls a gift card?
    1. The girls can have a say in what they want.
    2. The gift givers have more control over the girl’s choice of shops.
    3. The clothes may be reduced after the holiday.
    4. At this age, clothes are a nuisance as a holiday gift.
  3. Suggested gifts for tween boys are .
    1. watches and PlayStation
    2. sports clothes and accessories
    3. watches and sporting goods
    4. sales vouchers and football tickets
  4. The most probable target readers of this excerpt are .
    1. adult gift givers
    2. teenager boys
    3. teenager girls
    4. new family members

Passage 4

South Korea has a dangerous obsessed with plastic surgery, says The Chosun llbo. One in five women in Seoul admits to having had at least one procedure. It’s the done thing: celebrities and beauty queens openly boast about quite drastic treatments. In fact, Korea is probably the only nation in the world where plastic surgeons place adverts on the sides of buses, tempting people to widen their eyes or narrow their noses by showing pictures of what patients look like before and after treatment. Too often, the real “after” photo should actually depict a coffin. Only the other day, a young woman died after corrective jaw surgery, an “extremely difficult” procedure originally developed to treat patients with congenital defects that make it difficult for them to chew properly. In the West it’s only used as a last resort: this woman had it done at an outpatients’ clinic.
In Korea, surgeons market it as a way of achieving the much-desired V-shaped face, yet most clinics lack such basic equipment as respirators. Many use visiting anaesthetists who move on the next clinic before the patient even comes to. Far tougher regulations are needed. Korea already has the dubious honor of leading the world in cosmetic surgeries per capita. We don’t want to become the leader in cosmetic surgery fatalities.

  1. The clause ‘It’s the done thing’ refers to the fact that .
    1. plastic surgery is quite common in Korea
    2. surgery has already been performed
    3. everything has already been said and done
    4. something needs to be done about it
  2. Korean patients choose the undergo corrective jaw surgery because they want .
    1. to be able to chew properly for once
    2. a slimmer and more attractive jawline
    3. to avoid potentially fatal side effects
    4. to get rid of their congenital defects
  3. What can be inferred from the last paragraph?
    1. Many cosmetic surgery clinics in Korea do not provide proper care to patients.
    2. Korea is now the world leader in cosmetic surgery fatalities.
    3. Many Korean anesthetists want to quit their job and move to the West.
    4. Many patients find respirators more reliable then anesthetists.
  4. The author of the article is calling for .
    1. more recent statistics available on cosmetic surgery
    2. the honor of leading the world in cosmetic surgery
    3. a new way of achieving the desired V-shaped face
    4. stricter rules and laws concerning cosmetic surgery

Part Four : Structure and Writing (Items 46-60)

Items 46-50

Choose the underlined part that is grammatically wrong.

  1. After two months of (1) sharp increase (2) in food prices, grocers (3) are starting to pass on their higher wholesale costs to (4) consumer.
  2. Experts (1) generally recommend (2) getting chicks and raising them to (3) mature rather than (4) buying adult chickens.
  3. Five students (1) celebrating the end of the school years (2) was stabbed to death on Tuesday (3) in what the city’s police chief (4) called “the worst murder in our history.”
  4. The retreat aims to strip you (1) of things that are unnecessary; therefore, you will live in (2) the simplest conditions (3) possible so you can concentrate on (4) which is essential to life.
  5. He told the children (1) not to leave toys (2) laying around; someone (3) might trip over them and get (4) badly hurt.

Items 51-55

Choose the best answer.

Recently, a woman from Kent in England went to her doctor. For days, she hadn’t been able to sleep 51 in her ear. The doctor told her that this was common. 52 , when he looked into her ear, he got the shock of his life. He saw something moving – a large spider. The woman was 53 . The doctor said that it was the first time he had ever found a spider 54 ear. He thought it was probably looking for somewhere warm 55 its eggs.

    1. because of noises
    2. resulting in the noises
    3. according to noise
    4. caused by noise
    1. Despite
    2. However
    3. On the contrary
    4. In contrast
    1. extreme terrify
    2. terrifying extremely
    3. extremely terrified
    4. terrifyingly extreme
    1. lived in someone
    2. living into someone
    3. living in someone’s
    4. living into someone’s
    1. so that it laid
    2. in order to lay
    3. in case it laid
    4. due to laying

Items 56-60

Choose the best answer.

(A) The most important in fairness. (B) If the boss is fair, employees can feel that if they do a good job, their efforts will be rewarded, (C) The second most important quality is leadership. The boss should be an example and a teacher. (D) Many successful bosses interviewed reported that they had good teachers before. (E) This allows employees to learn from a boss so that they can increase their job skills and get promoted. (F) The third most important factor is that the boss acts with consistency. (G) That way, the employees know what to expect each day. (H) They know how they will be treated and what their share of the workload will be. (I)

  1. What is the best topic sentence for this paragraph?
    1. It is known that not everyone is qualified to be a boss.
    2. Workers in the 21st century can choose their own boss.
    3. The quality of work produced relies on the quality of a boss.
    4. There are three important qualities necessary to being a good boss.
  2. Which one can be added after Sentence B to make a good paragraph?
    1. A good boss should occasionally give extra money to employees.
    2. On the other hand, they may be penalized if they do not do their job well.
    3. Even though rewards are expected, employees should not ask for them.
    4. Most of the work produced by employees should be carefully inspected.
  3. Which sentence does not belong?
    1. D
    2. E
    3. G
    4. H
  4. Which sentence has the closest meaning to the highlighted sentence?
    1. The boss should arrive at the office at the same time every day.
    2. The boss needs to know that the executive board consists of key people.
    3. The boss does not use double standards with his employees.
    4. The attitude of bosses from different companies is the same.
  5. What is the best concluding sentence for this paragraph?
    1. In short, being a boss might be easy but being a good boss is more challenging.
    2. To conclude, a boss and employees are crucial in making the company grow.
    3. In summary, a good boss will make the company successful more quickly.
    4. In conclusion, employees need to know what their boss is like.


1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 1
5. 2
6. 4
7. 3
8. 2
9. 1
10. 3
11. 2
12. 3
13. 2
14. 2
15. 1
16. 1
17. 4
18. 1
19. 3
20. 3
21. 2
22. 3
23. 4
24. 1
25. 1
26. 2
27. 4
28. 4
29. 2
30. 4
31. 2
32. 2
33. 1
34. 3
35. 2
36. 4
37. 1
38. 2
39. 4
40. 2
41. 1
42. 1
43. 2
44. 1
45. 4
46. 4
47. 3
48. 2
49. 4
50. 2
51. 1
52. 2
53. 3
54. 3
55. 2
56. 4
57. 2
58. 1
59. 3
60. 1

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