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ข้อสอบเป็นแบบปรนัย 4 และ 6 ตัวเลือก จำนวน 60 ข้อ คะแนนเต็ม 150 คะแนน

Part One : Expressions (Items 1-15)

Choose the best answer.

1 At a rental office

Victoria: I live in Apartment 13. My sink is clogged up again.
Wendy: I’ll send someone over tomorrow.
Victoria: Well, I’d really appreciate it if 1 .
Wendy: Fine. A plumber will be there in a few minutes.
    1. that person is a plumber.
    2. the bathtub could be replaced too.
    3. I got a discount for this month.
    4. you could send someone to fix it today.

2 Room renting

Sam: Hi, my name is Sam. I’m interested in the room you have for rent.
Pete: Oh yes. 2 ?
Sam: Yes, I think so. Can I ask a few questions first?
Pete: Sure. Go ahead.
    1. Would you like to come and see it
    2. Do you think it’s big enough
    3. Have you rented a room before
    4. Did you give me the money

3-5 At a restaurant

Waiter: 3 ?
Maria: Yes, I will have salad, roast beef, and mashed potatoes.
Waiter: 4 ? Rare, medium, or well done?
Maria: Well done, please.
Waiter: Sure. 5 ?
Maria: Do you have coffee or tea? If so, I’d like decaf.
Waiter: Yes, we have both.
    1. Do you want the menu
    2. Are you thirsty yet
    3. Are you ready to order now
    4. Do you want to eat at home
    1. What size is your salad
    2. How would you like your beef
    3. What is it like to cook your beef
    4. How much do you want for salad
    1. Anything to drink
    2. Would you care for desserts
    3. Do you want to pay now
    4. Is that what you want

6-7 At a university

Adriana: Hi! You look worried. 6 ?
Alex: The final exam. 7 .
Adriana: Well, don’t worry. You still have three days.
Alex: Yeah, but I have to hand in three reports in the next two days too.
    1. What is your schedule
    2. What’s on your mind
    3. How’s life treating you
    4. How is your performance at school
    1. I can’t wait
    2. I know it’s going to be easy
    3. It’s in the morning
    4. I’m not fully prepared for it

8-9 In the office

Ron: I hear you’re moving to California.
Rita: Yes. I’ve got a job offer in Los Angeles.
Ron: Oh, that’s great. But 8 .
Rita: Likewise. Hey, let’s keep in touch.
Ron: Yeah. Don’t forget to drop me a line when you’re settled.
Rita: Sure. 9 .
Ron: You have my email address, don’t you?
Rita: Yes, I do.
    1. it should be exciting
    2. I should get a job in Los Angeles too
    3. I’m going to miss you
    4. it’s time to stop partying
    1. I’ll give it to you when I arrive
    2. I’ll keep you posted
    3. Settling down can’t be fun
    4. Dropping can be easily done

10-11 At a bus stop

Anna: Excuse me. Could you tell me 10 ?
Bruce: There is a ticket machine next to the bus stop.
Anna: Thank you very much. Umm… Do you know 11 ?
Bruce: Oh sorry. I’m not quite sure. It could be $3.
Anna: No worries. Thank you.
    1. if there is a bus stop near here
    2. how long it takes to walk to the nearest bus stop
    3. where I can buy a bus ticket
    4. how often the buses to the city leave
    1. what the fare is
    2. if the machine gives change
    3. how far it is from here
    4. if I need a return ticket

12-13 Weekend party

Jan: Hey, would you like to go to the beach for a barbie with us next weekend?
Pik: A barbie? 12
Jan: It’s a barbecue. Look, this is our outdoor grill.
Pik: 13 . Do I need to bring anything?
Jan: Just some sun cream. The sun is quite strong this time of the year.
    1. I’ll bring it with me.
    2. What’s that?
    3. Where can I buy one?
    4. I’ll borrow yours.
    1. I’m afraid I can’t make it
    2. I’ve no idea what it is
    3. I’d love to join you
    4. I don’t know how to get there

14-15 At a store

Customer: Excuse me. I’d like to return this blouse.
Shop assistant: 14 ?
Customer: It shrank after I washed it.
Shop assistant: Oh, I’m sorry about that. 15 ?
Customer: Here it is. I’d like a refund, please.
    1. Who did you buy it for
    2. When did you buy it
    3. What’s the problem with it
    4. Why didn’t you try it on
    1. Do you want a new blouse
    2. Do you have your receipt
    3. What size do you take
    4. What color would you like

Part Two : Vocabulary (Items 16-30)

Items 16-25 : Meaning in Context

Choose the closest meanings of the underlined words in the following sentences.

  1. If the cough persists or gets worse, consider seeing a doctor.
    1. dissolves
    2. insists
    3. occurs
    4. continues
  2. You need to conform in order to succeed in this company.
    1. be in good form
    2. be competitive
    3. obey the rules
    4. ignore the advice
  3. Some teens are openly defiant and can be considered very aggressive by adults.
    1. rebellious
    2. observant
    3. respectful
    4. insecure
  4. His business flourished over a period of two years, earning more than 20,000 dollars a day.
    1. relaxed
    2. grew
    3. changed
    4. spread
  5. It was a surprise to see that last season my adversary had become my teammate.
    1. attacker
    2. opponent
    3. evaluator
    4. colleagued
  6. I was bewildered to discover that one of our best employees had been dismissed
    1. amazed – fired
    2. alarmed – banned
    3. pleased – moved
    4. shocked – trained
  7. Fashionable girls are understandably reluctant to wear school uniforms that are not flattering.
    1. joyous – expensive
    2. anxious – original
    3. unwilling – attractive
    4. fortunate – revealing
  8. What started as a small dispute among neighbors has escalated into a major crisis.
    1. lawsuit – reduced
    2. argument – expanded
    3. discussion – dropped
    4. confession – turned
  9. Introducing tough measures aimed at cutting pollution is one of this committee’s great achievements.
    1. sizes – triumphs
    2. laws – problems
    3. areas – strengths
    4. rule – successes
  10. Your sister is a truly remarkable young woman. Her research findings have helped unlock the mystery of the new virus.
    1. striking – aspect
    2. outstanding – secret
    3. diligent – origin
    4. graceful – status

Items 26-30 : Meaning Recognition

Choose the alternative which has the same meaning as the underlined word in the given sentence.

  1. The parents agreed that the young man has the drive to succeed.
    1. It will be a long drive so you’d better get enough sleep tonight.
    2. We’re actually looking for someone with drive and ambition.
    3. That was his best drive ever from the tee down the fairway.
    4. Back up your hard drive if you don’t want to lose all your work.
  2. There was a note of bitterness in her voice when asked about her divorce.
    1. Everybody is talking about the coming party in a cheerful note.
    2. Ann has written a note to let her parents know how she’s doing.
    3. The current 20 dollar note is often called ‘a lobster’ because of its red-orange color.
    4. After days of practice, some of us in the choir still could not hit that high note.
  3. If you want to find out who the murderer is, just turn the page over.
    1. We could not recognize the car because it was painted over in green.
    2. I was on the phone and didn’t realize the milk was boiling over.
    3. Adults weighing 50 kg and over should take a 1000 mg pill a day.
    4. Her blouse caught fire and she tried to put it out by rolling over on the floor.
  4. The police rushed to the scene and found a pool of blood on the road.
    1. If the weather is nice, we can have a party outside by the pool.
    2. A car pool will reduce the cost of gas and the stress of driving.
    3. Yesterday, my son alerted me to the pool of black stuff under my car.
    4. If you are not mentally focused, you will never be able to play pool like a pro.
  5. It is simplicity and elegance that mark her dressing style.
    1. Bank tellers mark the checks ‘certified’ before putting them away.
    2. These events mark another historic milestone in our company.
    3. Mark my words! He’s up to no good and will cheat on you.
    4. I need at least three hours to mark all those exam papers.

Part Three : Reading (Items 31-45)

Read the following and choose the best answers to the questions that follow.

Passage 1

Will the internet kill magazines?

New technologies change many things, but not everything. You may surf, search, shop, and blog online, but you still read magazines. And you’re far from alone.
Readership has actually increased over the past five years. Even the 18-to-34 segment continues to grow. Typical young adults now read more issues per month than their parents. Rather than being displaced by “instant” media, it would seem that magazines are the ideal complement.
The explanation for this phenomenon is fairly obvious. Magazines do what the Internet doesn’t. Neither obsessed with immediacy nor trapped by the daily news cycle, magazines promote deeper connections. They create relationships. They engage us in ways distinct from digital media.

  1. What is the main idea of the above excerpt?
    1. People who surf online usually read magazines.
    2. Magazines will not be replaced by the Internet.
    3. A lot of Internet users read one magazine each month.
    4. Modern parents read more magazines than their children.
  2. What is the meaning of ‘you’re far from alone’?
    1. A lot of people surf and shop online.
    2. You are alone when you read magazines.
    3. A large number of people still read magazines.
    4. A lot of magazines reflect changes in technologies.
  3. The phrase ‘the 18-to-34 segment’ means the .
    1. group of reader aged 18 to 34
    2. range of pages from 18 to 34
    3. growing readership
    4. number of issues read
  4. Which of the following is TRUE about magazines?
    1. They are the number one medium for daily news.
    2. They focus on immediacy and the daily news cycle.
    3. People react differently to magazines than to digital media.
    4. They promote surfing, searching, shopping and blogging.

Passage 2

A better way to serve butter

Softened butter on freshly baked bread is one of life’s little luxuries. Now from the creators of the Original Butter Bell crock comes a new line of single serving size mini crocks. Take dining up a notch by adding a Butter Bell Mini to each place setting at your next dinner party. These ‘babies’ look like the original, but hold the perfect amount of butter for one person to enjoy. Impress your guests and eliminate ‘pass the butter please’ at your next special occasion. The minis come four to a set and are available in white, or with a blue banding.

  1. What is being advertised?
    1. A place setting
    2. A cooking pot
    3. Buttered bread
    4. A butter pot
  2. This product would get rid of ‘pass the butter please’ because .
    1. the butter served is softened and delicious
    2. individual guests have their own potion
    3. It is a luxury for any special dinner party
    4. It looks like original and will impress guests
  3. Which statement is TRUE about the product?
    1. It comes in an impressive selection of colors.
    2. It helps keep baked goods fresher for longer.
    3. It is available in exclusive kitchenware shops.
    4. It adds to the elegance of the table setting.

Passage 3


Who knew there was skiing in Kashmir? Those must be some steep slopes. High in the Himalayas is a ski resort called Gulmarg, where you are pretty certain to find some of the most uncharted and untouched snow in the world. Indeed, you might be alone all day, with an entire mountainside to yourself. Years ago, Kashmir was associated with danger for different reasons. Sporadic fighting and tensions between India and Pakistan put the region on the “no-go” list for all but the most adventure-seeking travelers. But one of the most beautiful areas in the world is now safer and seeing many more visitors. If you are looking for something a little less heady and more accessible than Gulmarg, at the foot of the Pir Panjal range is the stunning Dal Lake. Here everyone lives in houseboats and you can explore the lake and its “floating” markets by water taxi in a spectacular natural setting.

  1. According to the passage, what is TRUE about Kashmir?
    1. It used to be a dangerous destination for tourists.
    2. Now is the most popular destination for Asia.
    3. Only thrill – seekers can find things to do there.
    4. It has recently lost its claim to natural beauty.
  2. What CANNOT be inferred from the passage?
    1. Tensions between India and Pakistan have eased.
    2. People visit Kashmir for a number of reasons.
    3. Winters can be cold in certain parts of Kashmir.
    4. You can buy handicrafts at the “floating” markets.
  3. Which word in the passage can by replaced by ‘exciting’?
    1. steep
    2. uncharted
    3. heady
    4. stunning
  4. The world ‘all’ refers to .
    1. tensions
    2. travelers
    3. reasons
    4. lists

Passage 4

The kids are all right

If you buy a goat from your friendly local halal butcher, he will leave the heart, liver and kidneys attached. Offal spoils quickly; if it passes the sniff test, the meat is good. Few Americans want to take that chance. Ask a typical American what he thinks of goat he’ll imagine “a gnarly-looking old billy goat with long horns on top of a car chewing on an old tin can.” say an agricultural economist. Some may believe it has a gamy flavor. This is true of older goats, but a young cabrito has a clean, grassy, herbal flavor, sweeter and less greasy than beef. It also boasts fewer calories and less cholesterol than beef, chicken, pork or lamb.
Finding reliable goat-consumption statistics is hard; the creatures are often slaughtered privately rather than in large slaughterhouses. But the trend is clearly up, thanks to immigration from goat-eating cultures. Native diners, too, are growing more adventurous. Goat is not yet popular enough to be worth factory-farming, and that appeals to food enthusiasts. Davis Martin, a goat-meat distributor, is trying to popularize goat burgers and goat lasagna, but he complains that home cooks remain wary. “People think of it as an exotic meat”, he says, “that has to be prepared in an exotic way.”

  1. More Americans should eat goat meat because .
    1. goats are often slaughtered by a halal butcher
    2. it is a healthier choice than many kinds of meat
    3. they should rely more on factory farming
    4. goat meat has already passed the sniff test
  2. According to the passage, older goats .
    1. have a gamy flavor
    2. have fewer calories than lamb
    3. are less greasy than beef
    4. are used in a burgers and lasagna
  3. What is the current situation regarding goats in America?
    1. They are being promoted as food.
    2. They are popular throughout the country.
    3. They are being raised to have fewer calories.
    4. They are being killed in great numbers for their horns and meat.
  4. The phrase ‘appeals to’ means .
    1. discourages
    2. challenges
    3. attracts
    4. convinces

Part Four : Structure and Writing (Items 46-60)

Items 46-55

Choose the underlined part that is grammatically wrong.

  1. My grandparents celebrated (1) their fiftieth wedding anniversary (2) at a mountain resort (3) where all guests (4) inviting could go skiing.
  2. The movie takes place in (1) rural West Texas, and it is about (2) violent and greed and (3) how people (4) are treated.
  3. Over (1) the last few decades, the drug problem in many (2) industrialized countries (3) have become (4) considerably worse.
  4. The Paparazzi have been around (1) for more than 20 years, (2) but the business has grown in recent years (3) as there are now more magazines (4) focus on the lives of famous people.
  5. If Prince Edward (1) hadn’t been killed at the age of 9, he (2) would become the king (3) of England after (4) the death of his father.
  6. The Body Shop, (1) where sells (2) beauty and health products, was founded in 1976, and it (3) has developed into a chain of (4) what is now more than 2,000 shops in over fifty countries.
  7. Without international trade, many products (1) would not be available in the world market; (2) such as, coffee beans would not (3) leave Columbia (4) or Brazil.
  8. In the future, most young people (1) will prefer to talk (2) to strangers online about their problems rather than (3) having face-to-face (4) conversations with family and friends.
  9. There is a lot of (1) disagreement about (2) how murderers (3) should be punished; however, I believe that people should get (4) live sentences for murder, not the death penalty.
  10. Ancient Egyptians sometimes dreamed (1) about gods or people who (2) had died, and some events in (3) his dreams were seen as (4) unlucky.

Items 56-60

Select FIVE out of six choices [S1-S6] and put them in an appropriate sequence to form a meaningful paragraph. ONE of these choices will NOT be used.

[S1] For the Swiss people, Sunday is their holy day so most shops and banks are closed on Sunday.
[S2] Swiss train conductors rarely work on Sundays, greet passengers by their first names, and wait for late arrivers.
[S3] Swiss customs, in short, are very easy to follow and important to remember.
[S4] In Switzerland, it is important to be on time to parties, business meeting, and church services.
[S5] Three important Swiss customs for tourists to know about are religion, greetings, and punctuality.
[S6] The Swiss seldom call their acquaintances by their first name which is used with close friends only.

  1. Which sentence comes first?
  2. Which sentence comes second?
  3. Which sentence comes third?
  4. Which sentence comes fourth?
  5. Which sentence comes last?


1. 4
2. 1
3. 3
4. 2
5. 1
6. 2
7. 4
8. 3
9. 2
10. 3
11. 1
12. 2
13. 3
14. 3
15. 2
16. 4
17. 3
18. 1
19. 2
20. 2
21. 1
22. 3
23. 2
24. 4
25. 2
26. 2
27. 1
28. 4
29. 3
30. 2
31. 2
32. 3
33. 1
34. 3
35. 4
36. 2
37. 4
38. 1
39. 4
40. 3
41. 2
42. 2
43. 1
44. 1
45. 3
46. 4
47. 2
48. 3
49. 4
50. 2
51. 1
52. 2
53. 3
54. 4
55. 3
56. S5
57. S1
58. S6
59. S4
60. S3

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