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ข้อสอบเป็นแบบปรนัย 4 และ 6 ตัวเลือก จำนวน 60 ข้อ คะแนนเต็ม 150 คะแนน

Part One : Expressions (Items 1-15)

Choose the best answer.

1-3 At a shoe shop

Shop assistant: May I help you?
Customer: Yes. 1 ?
Shop assistant: I’m not sure. If you can’t find them on the shelf, they may be out of stock. But 2
Customer: Thanks. I’d like to try on a pair if you have them.
Shop assistant: 3 .
    1. Do you know what size my shoes are
    2. Do you have the shoes that I left here
    3. Do you mind looking for my shoes
    4. Do you have these shoes in size seven
    1. let me look in the stockroom.
    2. please wait for me and do not leave.
    3. any ideas about the size and color?
    4. would you like something different this time?
    1. It doesn’t hurt to try
    2. You won’t be disappointed
    3. I’ll be right back
    4. See you next time

4-6 At a service counter

Cashier: How can I help you, miss?
Woman: Could you break a 100 for me?
Cashier: Sure. 4 ?
Woman: Could I have one 50 and the rest in 10’s?
Cashier: Well, I have some 50’s, but I don’t have enough 10’s. 5
Woman: Oh. that’s even better because I won’t have to worry about the small change for the bus fare.
Cashier: 6 !
Woman: Thanks a million!
    1. Which do you like
    2. How do you want it
    3. How many do you want
    4. When would you like it
    1. Are 5’s fine with you?
    2. Too big a change for me.
    3. That would be OK.
    4. Is this enough for the fare?
    1. Good luck
    2. Here you go
    3. Be careful
    4. Don’t worry

7-8 At work

Amanda: Glad that the weekend’s finally here.
Barbara: Me too. It’s a long weekend. Three days off in a row.
Amanda: So, what’s your plan?
Barbara: Nothing planned yet. 7 . How about you?
Amanda: We’re going camping at the Grand Canyon.
Barbara: Sounds interesting!
Amanda: 8
Barbara: Hmm, let me think about it. I’ll let you know later.
    1. Nobody knows
    2. Whatever you say
    3. I’ll see how it goes
    4. The time has come
    1. Of course, it does.
    2. Wanna join us?
    3. Hold on a minute.
    4. What are you waiting for?

9-11 At home

Chris: Mum, I’m home.
Mum: Oh hi, Chris. How was school?
Chris: It was boring as usual. I’m so hungry. 9 ?
Mum: If you wait five minutes, dinner will be ready.
Chris: OK. Mum, 10 ? There’s an interesting program on TV at 10.30.
Mum: 11 You have an important exam tomorrow. You must be in bed by 10.
    1. What’s for dinner
    2. What’ve you eaten
    3. Anything I can eat now
    4. What’s cooking
    1. can we skip dinner
    2. is it OK if I stay up late tonight
    3. can I have a late dinner
    4. is our TV working all right
    1. Sure. Why not?
    2. I’ll watch it with you.
    3. I can’t believe it
    4. Definitely not!

12-14 On campus

Jane: Guess what? I got the job I applied for last week.
Kim: Congratulations! 12 .
Jane: Thank you. The problem is I have to start next week, and I have to cancel my trip to Thailand with you.
Kim: 13 . I don’t really want to go on my own.
Jane: I’m so sorry, Kim. You know 14 , and I feel bad about letting you down. But I heard that Linda is planning a trip to Thailand. She might want to join you.
Kim: Really? I’ll call her tonight.
    1. I never thought of that
    2. You must get a very good salary
    3. That’s really good news
    4. But I don’t think you’ll like it
    1. That’s a shame
    2. My pleasure
    3. Mind your business
    4. Calm down
    1. I didn’t really want to go on holiday
    2. I couldn’t resist it
    3. I’ve been there once
    4. I’ve been looking forward to going there

15 In a dormitory

Mary: Are you crazy? Why do you have so many alarm clocks in your bedroom?
Cathy: 15 . I need thunder to wake me up.
Mary: With this huge collection, you should run a clock shop.
    1. I like the rainy season
    2. My bedroom is too quiet
    3. I’m a heavy sleeper
    4. The ticking noise is pleasant

Part Two : Vocabulary (Items 16-30)

Items 16-25: Meaning in Context

Choose the closest meanings of the underlined words in the following sentences.

  1. Before this, he had no idea about the project. However, after a two-hour discussion with his professor, his ideas became crystallized.
    1. clear
    2. clean
    3. empty
    4. easy
  2. As a result of the screening test by the Department of Health, three children with the dangerous virus have been detected in the province.
    1. followed
    2. spread
    3. found
    4. treated
  3. If everything goes as planned, after the facelift, the museum will reopen in February next year.
    1. operation
    2. renovation
    3. management
    4. exhibition
  4. The actress and her fiancé established the charity to show that donating just a dress can make a difference.
    1. setup
    2. put off
    3. looked up
    4. kept off
  5. She had been seriously ill, so it came as a pleasant surprise when she miraculously recovered.
    1. gradually
    2. peacefully
    3. rapidly
    4. unexpectedly
  6. Online shopping has had a serious impact on conventional bookshops.
    1. progress – customary
    2. offense – popular
    3. effect – traditional
    4. response – available
  7. Because of his drug addiction, his debts kept accumulating. He, therefore, decided to flee from his hometown.
    1. reducing – withdraw
    2. disappearing – retreat
    3. freezing – reform
    4. increasing – escape
  8. Taking more than the recommended dose of sleeping pills could prove fatal.
    1. suggested – deadly
    2. advised – handy
    3. revised – hostile
    4. requested – speedy
  9. Although the conversation that evening was absurd. I must admit I enjoyed the marvelous food.
    1. lengthy – sensual
    2. ridiculous – amazing
    3. untrue – delicate
    4. pleasant – ethnic
  10. To enter the construction site, workers are obliged to wear helmets because they are vulnerable to dangers.
    1. forced – sensitive
    2. reminded – suitable
    3. advised – attracted
    4. required – exposed

Items 26-30 : Meaning Recognition

Choose the alternative which has the same meaning as the underlined word in the given sentence.

  1. What’s the point of pretending it didn’t happen when the whole world knows about it?
    1. Our school team lost their home game by only one point.
    2. He’s not the right candidate; carelessness is his weak point.
    3. On this very important point I have to say I disagree with you.
    4. She’s stubborn; there’s no point in trying to change her mind.
  2. The court was packed this morning be controversial case.
    1. She would like to visit the court of King James I.
    2. Why don’t you tell the court what happened that day?
    3. It turned out that in the end we had too many players on the court.
    4. The press was waiting outside the court to interview the defendant.
  3. He was very cool about the accident and didn’t blame anybody.
    1. It’s a bit cool in here. I think I’ll close the window.
    2. I don’t think you should paint the wall red; cool colors look better.
    3. He was proud that he was able to remain cool throughout the crisis.
    4. On his first visit to England, the dictator was given a cool reception.
  4. We succeeded because we approached the problem from a different angle.
    1. I broke down under the pressure as my wedding day approached.
    2. The mayor approached water management in an innovative way.
    3. There’s no other playwright who even approached his talents.
    4. The Board approached her because of her good reputation.
  5. She’s only playing games with you; it’s all an act.
    1. A simple act of kindness is all it takes to win her over.
    2. His ‘nice guy’ act is not going to fool any of his friends.
    3. Parliament has just passed an act that bans deer hunting.
    4. She didn’t like the play; she left in the middle of the fourth act.

Part Three : Reading (Items 31-45)

Read the following and choose the best answers to the questions that follow.


Walk. Run. Play – Solgar No.7 can help! With increased flexibility, mobility, range of motion… feel the difference yourself. Once-daily Solgar No.7 shows results within 7 days.

  1. What is being advertised?
    1. A new health club.
    2. A new sports shoe.
    3. An anti-aging pill.
    4. A supplement for joints.
You learn how to take care of people from the women in your life. My mother was all about unconditional love, and I don’t think we give enough of that to our patients. At the end of the day, what they really need you to do is to look them in the eye and say, “I’m here for you. I’m going to make sure this works out.”
  1. Very likely, the speaker of this excerpt is a .
    1. mother
    2. doctor
    3. patient
    4. pharmacist
  2. The pronoun “they” refers to .
    1. patients
    2. doctors
    3. mothers
    4. women
  3. Which of the following is the excerpt a response to?
    1. Why do women make much better carers than men?
    2. What is your daily diet and fitness schedule like?
    3. What is the best advice you ever gave your patients?
    4. How did you learn to interact with patients so pleasantly?
They fall and soar at different altitudes, one slicing into water, the other carving air. But a diver and a jet have something in common: both present amazing picture possibilities. So take your best shot and send it to us – the sky is the limit for how far it’ll go. Every month this page will feature two photographs: one chosen by our editors, one chosen by our readers via online voting. For more information, go to ngm.com/yourshot.
  1. This message most probably appears in a(n) .
    1. medical journal
    2. sports magazine
    3. online voting advertisement
    4. photography magazine
  2. In what way are diving and flying similar?
    1. They can be voted for online.
    2. They are both exciting activities.
    3. Both are good subjects for photos.
    4. Divers and pilots are brave people.
  3. Which of the following is TRUE according to the message?
    1. The readers choose all the winning photos.
    2. Only two entries are submitted each month.
    3. Altitude is an important element in photography.
    4. The most impressive pictures are selected for publication.

Passage 1

People adore cupcakes for more than the obvious reason. A good deal of the enjoyment is the fun you can have making them yourself, making sure to achieve that perfect ratio between cake mixture and frosting. Most importantly, perhaps, no one expects you to share a cupcake, so it’s yours and yours alone!
For lovers of cupcakes. Betty Crocker: The Big Book Of Cupcakes provides over 175 tempting recipes for a wide variety of buns. The 335-page manual is divided into six chapters: Cupcake and frosting basics; Simply delicious cupcakes; Bake-sale favorites; Kids’ party cupcakes; Dazzling holiday cupcakes; and Special occasion cupcakes.
So this book is more than a cookery book. Readers are given basic instructions and information, from the equipment needed to make cupcakes, the secret behind baking success, frosting basics to easy ways to decorate cupcakes. Moreover, the book provides tips for keeping cupcakes fresh, freezing cupcakes, as well as selling them. Interestingly, each recipe comes with its own sweet success tip, advising cupcake makers how they can achieve the perfect result. And if you are not a good baker, or do not even plan to make these little sweet treats, this book is still extremely interesting food for the eyes.

  1. According to the passage, which of the following statements CANNOT be inferred from the passage?
    1. Cupcakes bake much faster than a normal layered cake.
    2. You can bake cupcakes for almost any special occasion.
    3. Making cupcakes and decorating them is fun and easy.
    4. Cupcakes can be topped with various kinds of decorations.
  2. What is true about Betty Crocker’s cookbook?
    1. It includes secrets for making delicious cupcakes.
    2. You can take this pocket-sized cookbook anywhere.
    3. It traces the origins of making and decorating cupcakes.
    4. It explains how different cupcake recipes can be shared.
  3. What does “…, this book is still extremely interesting food for the eyes” ’ mean?
    1. Frosting basics are what makes your cupcakes unique.
    2. The book provides a lot of mouth-watering pictures of cupcakes.
    3. Simply by looking at cupcakes, one knows how they are made.
    4. The book teaches bakers to watch the baking process carefully.

Passage 2

1Ah, spring. The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and this year the bounty of nature has flourished even earlier than usual. What’s not to love?
2Allergies, of course – especially tree-pollen allergies. More than half of the 40% of Americans who have seasonal allergies are sensitive to the dusting of pollen that trees discharge as they emerge from their winter hibernation. That means millions of people are suffering mightily through this early spring, thanks to the sneezing, watery eyes, runny noses and congestion they’ve developed ahead of schedule. “People were caught by surprise,” says Dr. Alvin Sanico of Johns Hopkins Hospital.
3Timing matters because for many allergy sufferers, as treatment works best when it precedes the first encounter with pollen particles. Since pollen counts tend to peak in April, most people don’t seek prescriptions for medications – like the nasal steroid sprays that prime the body to ward off the inflammation and allergy symptoms that pollen triggers – until March. But with the warmer weather, the National Allergy Bureau, which keeps a national pollen count, says the spring allergy season shifted forward by about a month. Allergists’have also noted that their patients’ symptoms are more severe than usual, probably because sufferers didn’t have time to pretreat themselves.
4There isn’t much you can do about the pollen, but allergy sufferers can lessen symptoms by keeping windows closed, avoiding tree-filled areas and using allergy medications regularly. Nasal sprays can relieve some inflammation, and over-the-counter antihistamines can provide relief from itchy and watery eyes and sneezing – at least until summer, when grass allergies kick up.

  1. What does the writer imply about spring in paragraph 1?
    1. The writer has had enough of spring.
    2. There’s nothing to love about blooming flowers.
    3. Spring should not come early this year.
    4. Spring is generally considered as a time of beauty.
  2. The word “they” in paragraph 2 refers to .
    1. allergies
    2. Americans
    3. trees
    4. people
  3. According to Dr. Alvin Sanico, what caught people by surprise?
    1. The early arrival of the allergy season.
    2. The availability of prescribed medications.
    3. The number of tree-pollen allergy sufferers.
    4. The unusually high number of pollen particles.
  4. What is the purpose of paragraph 4?
    1. To describe ways to track down the pollen particles.
    2. To describe things that you can do to ease spring allergies.
    3. To explain why allergy medications are completely useless.
    4. To compare the symptoms of two major kinds of allergies.
  5. According to the passage, which is NOT true about allergies?
    1. This year, the spring allergy season started in March.
    2. Forty percent of Americans suffer from tree-pollen allergies.
    3. Sufferers need to take medications before symptoms develop.
    4. Research shows that pollen counts arc usually highest in April.

Part Four : Structure and Writing (Items 46-60)

Items 46-55

Choose the underlined part that is grammatically wrong.

  1. (1) The Statue of Liberty, (2) standing on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, (3) was given by the French as a gift of international friendship (4) for the Americans in 1886.
  2. She (1) starts calling James at night, bitterly (2) complaining about how (3) badly her work was going or how she needed (4) to be left alone.
  3. (1) Usually, conferences don’t start (2) on time; however, (3) the one I attended last week (4) begun punctually.
  4. Social scientists agree that it is important (1) to marry someone (2) who background, (3) such as lifestyle and income, is similar to your (4) own.
  5. It is essential that a chemist (1) create food products in the laboratory (2) so that consumers can have (3) substitution for (4) certain scarce or expensive natural foods.
  6. Many companies began (1) offering employees flexible working hours; (2) consequently, productivity has increased. (3) Moreover, absenteeism (4) declined.
  7. (1) In the old days, people got their news by word of mouth, but (2) as people became more literate and (3) printing costs went down, newspapers became more (4) commonly.
  8. The athlete looked forward to (1) having a rest and (2) take the time (3) to learn English after (4) winning her 200 meters freestyle medal on Tuesday.
  9. (1) Bringing up in a workhouse, Charlie Chaplin (2) developed his talents in the world of English (3) music halls, but (4) worldwide fame only came after he moved to Hollywood.
  10. (1) The gray wolf is one of the world’s most (2) researched animals, with probably more books written about (3) them than any other wildlife (4) species.

Items 56-60

Select FIVE of the six choices below (S1-S6) and put them in an appropriate sequence to form a meaningful paragraph.
ONE of these choices will NOT be used.

[S1] However, a writing task can be quite time consuming and boring, going over multiple drafts and making changes here and there.
[S2] I also took courses in creative writing, especially poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction and found myself a job that allowed me to have time to write.
[S3] Finally, I sat down each night after work and wrote for hours and hours.
[S4] Before anythin, I learned the rules of grammar, punctuation, and style and read many classic fiction books, such as The Sun Also Rises and 1984.
[S5] These tasks helped me to eventually become a better writer.
[S6] In order to become a writer, I had to complete a number of demanding tasks.

  1. Which item comes first?
  2. Which item comes second?
  3. Which item comes third?
  4. Which item comes fourth?
  5. Which item comes last?


1. 4
2. 1
3. 3
4. 2
5. 1
6. 2
7. 3
8. 2
9. 3
10. 2
11. 4
12. 3
13. 1
14. 4
15. 3
16. 1
17. 3
18. 2
19. 1
20. 4
21. 3
22. 4
23. 1
24. 2
25. 4
26. 4
27. 4
28. 3
29. 2
30. 2
31. 4
32. 2
33. 1
34. 4
35. 4
36. 3
37. 4
38. 1
39. 1
40. 2
41. 4
42. 3
43. 1
44. 2
45. 2
46. 4
47. 1
48. 4
49. 2
50. 4
51. 4
52. 4
53. 2
54. 1
55. 3
56. S6
57. S4
58. S2
59. S3
60. S5

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